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T2 Science 7 Assignments

Week 16: December 3-7, 2018
EYO Exercise Your Option Workbook: Nutrition
CW: Review Prefixes Osteo-Pulmon, Breakfast Recipes for Granola, Overnight Oatmeal, Chia Puddings, and Smoothies, EYO Lesson 5 Video and start Pages 19-20, Periods 4/5 saw different fitness YouTube Channels
HW: Complete Monday's Food Logs, Study Osteo to Pulmon, Links Above, Practice Test Available, Test on Friday
CW: SSR, EYO Page 18-20, Period 1/3 Fitness Video Channels on YouTube, Quizlet Live Osteo to Pulmon with P4 & P5
HW:Complete Monday's Food Logs, Study Osteo to Pulmon, Links Above, Practice Test Available, Test on Friday
CW: 7 min Study Time for Osteo-Pulmon, 2 Videos Men's Acrobatic Gymnastics & Hypermobility w/ Physics Girl, EYO Lesson 6 and Post Unit Pages 21-23. EYO Workbooks due by Friday
HW:Study Osteo to Pulmon, Links Above, Practice Test Available, Test on Friday & Finish EYO Workbook
CW: Computer Science Education Hour of Code & Grace Hopper Lesson due Monday 12-10

In Email: 
Video Why Computer Science

Hour of Code
Choose one coding activity. 
Take a screen shot of certificate once you finish and put in Showbie. 

What is Grace Hopper doing

Grace Hopper

HW:Study Osteo to Pulmon, Links Above, Practice Test Available, Test on Friday, FInish EYO Workbook
CW: Osteo to Pulmon Quiz, Work on Computer Science/ Grace Hopper Packet (due end of class on Monday), Turn in EYO Workbooks with extra Food Logs stapled in as directed. 
HW: None

Nutrition & Exercise Videos

Week 15: November 26-30, 2018
EYO Exercise Your Option Workbook: Nutrition
CW: EYO Lesson 1 Part 2 Pg 6. Go over Pg 5
HW: Make sure pages 1-6 are complete in EYO workbook
CW: EYO Lesson 2 with additional Mall Meal Plans pages 7-9 plus an additional worksheet. 
HW: Finish Mall Meal Plans ONLY
CW: Fast Food Meal Plans and Start Lesson 3 Breakfast Pg 10
HW: Finish Page 10 & Work on Fast Food Meals 
CW: EYO Lesson 4 Food Logs
Pg 14: Food Log from Video for one person (Drew, Mike or Sarah)
Pg 15: Your Food Log for Wed 11-29
Pg 16: Your Food Log for Fri 11-30
Pg 17: Your Food Log  Mon 12-3
Extra Food Logs Copies
Sat 12-1
Sun 12-2
HW: Work on Fast Food Meals & Food Log for Thursday
Friday: Only seeing Period 4 and 5 
CW: Period 4 will do SSR across all teachers
Period 5 will work on Minute Math & HSS Quizizz across all teachers
HW: Food Log for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Week 14: November 12-16, 2018
Monday: Veteran's Day Holiday
CW: SSR, Peer Review RSM Lesson 4 Mini Research Paper with form attached below "Sci_RSM_PeerReview". 
HW: Finish Mini-Research paper if needed
CW: Resisting Science MisInformation Lesson 5 & Time for Peer Reviews
HW: None
CW: RSM Test, Turn in your RSM notebooks into Showbie, Exercise Your Options Lesson 0, Pages 2 and 3 in EYO Workbook
HW: None
CW: Exercise Your Options Lesson 1 Pages 4 (Video Help) and 5. Pages 11-13 and 24-27 are resources 
HW: None

Mini Research Paper Resources

Mini Research Paper
    Paragraph 1: Introduction (You know a family having their first child and they are wondering what they should do to help their child be smarter...)
    Paragraph 2: Summarize a resource that you read. State what the resource was, author, then summarize
    Paragraph 3: Summarize a different resource in same format as paragraph 2
    Paragraph 4: Conclusion. Based on what you learned what advice will you give your friends. 
* You may add paragraphs if you want to add in more resources. 
On Tuesday, you will have 2 peer reviews. 
HW: None
Resisting Science Misinformation 
Notebook Assignments:
1. Pre-Unit Questions
a. Where do we see advertisements?
b. What are categories of ads that we see?
2. Ad you created from on of 12 choices
3. Ad Bibliography
4. Ad you found with scientific related claims
5. Lesson 2 Assignment
6. Lesson 3 Video Notes on way to check a website
7. Lesson 3 Assignment
8. Lesson 4 Mini-Research Paper
9. Peer Review of Research Paper #1
10. Peer Review of Research Paper #2
11. Cigarettes vs Vaping