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T1 Science Assignments

Week 4: September 2-6, 2019
Monday: Labor Day Holiday
CW: Growth Mindset Warm-Ups Wk4 Mon & Tues, MS Teens Mini-Videos (Watch, Summarize as directed) 
HW: Review Ms. O's Standards of Behavior, Science Information and Akers 7th Grade Success for tomorrow test. Extra Credit Quiz linked above. 
CW: Ms. O's Standards Quiz, After Quiz: W4 Wed Warm-up, Finish NS Teens Videos Summaries, If time allows, review this week's prefixes Calori to Di. 
HW: Review for 7 minutes Calori to Di for Friday's Quiz
CW: Special Afternoon Schedule, Quizlet Live Aero to Di, Learn how to access past Quia Quizzes & Tests, Finish Up NS Teens and NS Teens Quizzes. 
HW: Review for 7 minutes Calori to Di for Friday's Quiz
CW: Calori to Di Quiz, Common Sense Media Be Upstanding 
HW: None

Week 3: August 26-30, 2019
CW: Tape Quia Logins to Master Login Sheet, Use Quia Login on Aero to Bio Prefix Quiz #2 and Save Login, Continue Science Equipment Puzzle Group Activity
HW: Study for Aero to Bio Quiz tomorrow
CW: Aero to Bio Quiz (check email for the link), Growth Mindset Warm-ups Week 3 Mon & Tues, 7th Grade Success, Continue Science Equipment Puzzle
HW: Finish Growth Mindset Monday & Tuesday if needed
CW: Growth Mindset Warm-up W3 Wednesday,  Go Over Science Equipment Puzzle as a class and turn-in, New Prefix Set Calori to Di, 7th Grade Science Units and NGSS & Class Expectations
HW: Study Calori to Di for 5 minutes, Study Science Syllabus  for Test on 9-4. No more than 15 min total study time. 
CW: Growth Mindset W3 Thursday, Ms. O's Class Expectations & Procedures, Sketchnote (Fancy Fonts & Weather Icons), Study Calori to Di
HW:Study Calori to Di for 5 minutes, Study Science Syllabus and Expectations  for Test on 9-4. No more than 15 min total study time. 

CW: Growth Mindset W3 Friday & Turn-in, Quizlet Live, Sketchnote Practice (Finish Fancy Fonts and sketch School Subjects ) and Turn-in, Extra Credit Practice for Science Class Expectations, Standards, & Akers 7 Success
HW: None

Week 2: August 19-23, 2019
CW: Set up iPad (GoodNotes backup, Reduce Motion, How to use Reminders App to record HW, Set up 1st Screen and Dockbar, Finish Sketchnote Week 1 Packet and turn in, Work on Getting to Know You CW-HW due 8-21
HW: Take a Selfie, Work 10 minutes on Getting to Know You
CW: Growth Mindset Warm-ups Week 2 Monday/Tuesday, iPad Lock Screen, Binder Divider and Binder Set-up, Work Time: Study Aero to Bio, Finish Getting to Know You & Make Your Lock Screen. 
HW: Finish Getting to Know You, Study Prefixes Aero to Bio for 5 minutes
CW: Turn in Getting to Know You, Growth Mindset Warm-up W2: Wed, Quizlet Live Aero, Science Puzzle Color Page, 
HW: Study Aero to Di for 5 minutes. Quia or Quizlet linked above. 
CW: Growth Mindset W2: Thurs, Quia Practice Quiz Aero to Bio, Show Ms. O Your Lock Screen, Check then Check Off completed items on IPad & Binder Check Off Sheet, then finish coloring & turn in Science Puzzle Group Activity
HW: Study Aero to Di for 5 minutes. Quia or Quizlet linked above. Students can take practice test unlimited times. Some will need to finish their Science Puzzle coloring page 
CW: Growth Mindset W2: Friday and turn-in to basket, Science Puzzle Activity. 

Week 1: August 14-16, 2019
CW: Introductions, Ms. O by the Numbers, Growth Mindset PreQuestions & Mon-Wed, Sketchnote Lesson 1
HW: Finish Mon, Tue, Wed Growth Mindset Warm-ups if needed

CW: Same seats, Growth Mindset Th, Digital Hall Pass, Parent Questionnaire Assignment, Sketchnote #3 (We skipped SN#2), Period 3 only will complete Sketchnote #1 from yesterday. 
HW: If needed finish Growth Mindset Monday - Thursday only. 

CW: Growth Mindset Friday Warm-up, Staple & Put in Turn-In Basket
1. Growth Mindset Pre-Assessment
2. Week 1 Monday through Friday

Sketchnoting Lesson #5 Transportation
Also sketchnote a summary of this week in Akers 7th Grade
due by end of class

iPad Bootcamp Day #1
1. Autofill Passwords on
2. Sounds Off
3. Link to Aker7.net and add home button
4. Add Teacher Contacts
5. Add to Home Screen These iPad Shortcuts
Quizizz (The app works poorly)
PowerSchool and Login to PowerSchool
6.Set-up Doc Bar

HW: Ask Parents to complete Parent Questionnaire online (link above) or turn in completed paper copy on Monday.