iPad Program

Attached Below:
- Twenty-One Rules for Using iPad
- Sample of Lock Screen w/ Picture & Info
- Student Password/Login Sheet (we also encourage them to keep this in their Notes App)

First Week: 
- Mrs. Camarena goes over the Top Twenty-One rules and gives a quiz by the end of the week
- Ms. Orosco does an iPad orientation 

-Put their name in iPad under General-About

-Set up Email

- In Mail, set up mailboxes for different subjects so they can file messages

-In settings under mail, change the “fetch new data” to something other than manual

- Turn off sounds for various notifications

-Icons at top of home screen: Setting, neuAnnotate, Reminders, iBooks, Akers7, Google Drive, Flashcards

- How to save a webpage to the homescreen

- How to put apps into folders and rename the folders

-Picture with Label (First & Last Name), 7th Grade, Homeroom Teacher

-Set Picture w/ Label as Lock Screen (label must include their full name and their homeroom teacher)

-In Reminder: Set up Homework List, Record Homework

-Students send me an email so I can compile a group list (Once group is set. I send as a CSV and vCard so team can put into contacts within Gmail and in iPad Contacts to use with IPad Mail)

-Send Students Email with Emails for All 7th Grade Teachers

Teach them how to import into their iPad Mail

-Create iBook Collections for each subject: Science, Social Studies, Language, Reading, Math,

-Cleaning iPads and using supplies provided at school

- Putting Passwords into Notes

- Taking a picture of password sheet

- Showing Lock Orientation vs Mute with Button or on Task Bar

- Clearing /Quitting Task Bar

- Getting onto Apple TV

Main 7th Grade Apps

Showbie: Digital Learning System
Most of the assignments are assigned, turned in and graded within Showbie. Assignments can be turned in at school or at home (if wifi available). 

Subscription Apps
- Google Drive (Google Apps for Ed Accounts are Free)
- Amplify Science
- TCI History Curriculum

Apps to Work on PDF Worksheets
- neuAnnotate
- Good Notes
- Notability 

Other Apps

Creative Book Builder app 
- create eBooks (ex: each part of the scientific method can be a chapter in the eBook)

- Flashcards Deluxe 
Make databases on Google Spreadsheets & Connect

- iBooks
Load digital novels, students can highlight/annotate and email those to teachers, look up words, get help reading. We also usually get the audio book and they use that as well under Music App

- Explain Everything
Multimedia Creation App

- iMovie
Movie making App

Other/Content Related Apps
- Stack the States
- Stack the Countries
- Duolingo

Other Apps Used by Teachers
- Smart Seat

Great Online Tools:
Quia.com/web (subscription $50/year)
- Online Assessment with multiple question formats, access assessments/activities shared by other teachers, basic class page feature, variety of easy to make study activities

Todays Meet
 (https://todaysmeet.com) - allows students to “backchannel”;  allows all students to have a voice in the classroom; simple to use; free; can set up a page to last one hour - one year.  Can set up a page in less than a minute and an entire class can add their thoughts about the topic 

Other Recommended Apps by Other Grade Levels