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To download the flashcards for the chapter, open the flashcards app on your iPad.  Tap the +.  Tap shared library.  Tap search.  Type in akers chapter and the number you need.  Search. Tap the deck you need and download it. Return to the main screen and study.


This is a link to additional resources (primarily short video clips) that enhance and expand on what we are learning in class. There is a page for each chapter we study.


We made it through a full week!  Congratulations, us!
I hope you got your post made on the Padlet.  I'll be checking later this weekend.  (Yes, I have weekend homework!)
Today, we are really going to dive into the Roman Empire.  You will learn about how it expanded from a small republic (rebellion, war, betrayal, jealousy, assassinations...lots of good stuff!) into a giant empire.  I will teach it through stories...and I think you will enjoy learning about it.
After the stories are over, you will need to log in to Showbie and export sections 2 and 3 to GoodNotes.  You will have the remainder of class to work on these.  You DO NOT have weekend homework; they will be due on Tuesday.
Your test for this chapter will be next Thursday.  It's not too early to begin studying.  
For every chapter I teach, I offer a study guide for extra credit.  You can earn up to ten points (added to the "test" category in PowerSchool) to your grade by completing the entire study guide correctly.  Partial study guides still earn points, so you might as well do at least some of can't hurt your grade and it probably will help! The study guide can be found in Showbie.
I also have flashcards made for each chapter which will help you study. To download the flashcards for the chapter:
Open the flashcards app on your iPad. 
Tap the +. 
Tap shared library.
     Tap search.  
     Type in akers hss chapter 1. 
     Tap the deck you need and download it. 
     Return to the main screen and study.
You can also study the flashcards with your quizlet app.  Search for akers hss chapter 1. You can also study them online here: Quizlet Chapter 1

1.  Turn in your Setting the Stage Assignment to Showbie.  I want you to turn it in, even if you were not able to finish it.   Look at yesterday's email for the directions for turning them in, or ask your neighbor. Remember, you need to turn in all three pages of the student worksheet: the black/white map and the two pages of questions/answers.
2.  Open the Setting the Stage worksheet in GoodNotes.  We are going to go over the answers while you correct your own work.  Next to each question, you will write how many points you earned for it.  When we are done, you will total up your points.
3.  Turn the corrected file back in to Showbie.  Yes, this means you will have turned in the same work twice.  
4.  Still in Showbie, write a comment that shows your score.  There were 14 points total.  Tap the plus to post your comment.  IF YOU DO NOT WRITE A COMMENT THAT SHOWS YOUR SCORE, I WILL GIVE YOU A ZERO FOR THE ASSIGNMENT!
5.  I am going to set the timer and give you seven minutes to write your selfie padlet post.  If you cannot finish it in the seven minutes, you need to finish it at home tonight.
6.  Settle in for some storytime!  Today, we are going to start learning about how the Roman Republic became the Roman Empire. 
I am going to teach the highlights of the introduction, along with section one.  Then, you will be completing the work that goes with section one. All the work you need is found in Showbie.  Answer the questions on the worksheets found in Showbie, after you export them to Good Notes.   If you finish in class, you don't have any homework.
THE SHOWBIE APP DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK AT YOUR HOME!  Be sure to move all of your files to GoodNotes before you leave school. It should all go in to your Chapter One notebook in your History category. If you don't, I can't help you.  
Remember that all answers must be written in your own words.  I'm not asking you to FIND the answers.  Instead, I need you work to show me what you LEARNED!
7.  When you get to class tomorrow, you should have completed section 1 of chapter 1.  Make sure you get caught up if you have fallen behind.

Good morning. Please remind your parents that Back to School Night is tonight.  PowerSchool review for parents will be at 5:30 in room 21 (Ms. Orosco's room). The 7th grade session begins at 6:00 PM in the cafeteria. After that, please have your parents come to my room to sign out for the PowerSchool parent password.
1.  Today, you will continue working on Setting the Stage. This is due at the beginning of class tomorrow, so any part you don't finish will become homework.  (If you do not take your iPad home, see me for a paper copy of you don't finish the assignment in class.) Again, I will randomly assign you a trio to work with. If you have answer that your partners do not have, you may not share it with them! Instead, help them find the answer without giving it away.
Let me define working together:  you and your partners are working to find the answer to the same questions at the same time. YOU MAY NOT split up the work and then exchange answers.  That, my friends, is cheating in my eyes, and it is not allowed. You both must do all of the work, but you can help each other find the answers.
ALSO - SUPER IMPORTANT!!! At no time are you allowed to copy and paste answers from the text!  That is, and always will be, plagiarism, and plagiarism is simply a form of cheating.  All work you do for me must always be in your own words.
4.  If you finish early, add a post to this Padlet.  This needs to be done by Friday.
Selfie Padlet  The directions are on the page.
5. If Setting the Stage is turned in AND you have posted your selfie on the Padlet, you may also go to It is an online geography game.  It plops you down somewhere in the world, and you can travel along the roads and make a guess as to where you are.  Good luck!
For all of your work, you can turn it in to Showbie as soon as you have it finished, even from home. You do not need to wait until the due date.

Good morning!
1.  We are going to play a Gimkit game that will go over all the things in the Survival Guide.  What is gimkit? It's fun!
It is sort of like Kahoot, but you answer the questions at your own speed and earn money for each correct answer. That money can be used in the shop to purchase upgrades and powerups.  There is strategy involved!  To play, go here and enter the game code on the board.  Find your name and get ready to play!
2.  Go to GoodNotes and be sure you have created a category for HSS.  Open that category and create a notebook for Chapter 1.
3.  Open your HSS class in Showbie. Open Setting the Stage - Medieval Europe. Click on the files in Showbie and OPEN THEM IN GOOD NOTES!  If you don't know how to do this, ask your neighbor. This is due on Thursday.  IT IS NOT HOMEWORK TONIGHT!  You have all of class today, and will have more time tomorrow.  It will be due at the beginning of class on Thursday.  If you do not have internet access at home, let me know so I can print you a paper copy. 

Every day, you will receive an email from me explaining what we are going to do in class.  YOU MUST READ THE WHOLE EMAIL EVERY DAY!!!!!  They will make you so happy!
If you are ever absent, you must read the day's email to find out what we did when you were not here. 
iPads will be going home today.  BE SURE TO CHARGE IT TONIGHT!
Today is going to be a day where I talk a ton.  I'm sorry about that!  But, I need to explain all the things in my room and let you know how we do things in this class.  I will do my best to keep it as fun as possible!
No homework from me tonight. 

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