Creative Church for families

This is a brilliant and fun way of being church together, which we started back in May 2011.  We've chosen Sunday afternoons, as it's often good for families, so mums/dads/carers can get stuck in with their kids, and have a great family time together.  It's on the last Sunday of every month at 3pm.

We start off with different crafts, arranged on tables around the church, run by members of the congregations.  We have 6 different tables, with things like making models, or fridge-magnets, or windmills, or planting, drawing, cutting, sticking and painting with brushes or fingers or sponges or staws!  It's different every month.

Then we will have a short service of worship which is on the same theme that the crafts were on.  It lasts about 15-20 minutes, and has prayers, a bible story, and song suitable for all ages. 

Then we all eat together (the food will be provided), again giving us more opportunity to get to know each other.

If you are new or visiting, we hope you will find us welcoming.

We want families to enjoy coming to church together, and grow as disciples together.  Creative Church is good, as you can get to know others who come regularly, so it's good for building up community, developing friendships and supporting each other.  It's not Christian entertainment: it's genuine church, which looks a little different!

An outline will be:

   3.00pm    Arrive & go around the various tables doing the crafts

~ 3.45pm    Short service, including children’s song
~ 4.00pm    Food!  We eat together the food provided.
One 7-year-old boy says about Creative Church, "It's a fun, arty, crafty, enjoyable church that's really good for kids and families."  A 5-year-old girl says, "It's good, brilliant, fantastic.  I like it because it's creative and I like art.  And it's creative stuff about Jesus."  A 2 year old boy said, "I like singing and sticking."
Our Creative Church for families is based on "Messy Church", and you can see more information about this on their website,

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There is no charge for these events.  At Creatice Church, children need to be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them.