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How To Remove Old Stains From Carpet

how to remove old stains from carpet
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Cabin B340, Port Side
Cabin B340, Port Side
Have to admit that as I've been posting over the last few nights I've been getting a bit creeped out. This is the worst, though. Most of the places you go on the Queen Mary the ghosts are simply sightings or feelings of presences from most reports. Cabin B340 is different. Violent incidents take place in B340. The bed has been filmed moving on its own. The covers often refuse to stay on the bed (they make the bed up again). The room wasn't originally like this. They laid carpet during the retrofit as they did everywhere else in the 1970s (the whole ship was tile in its day, but maintaining it was more expensive that carpeting). Either after the retrofit or at a later date when the carpet was replaced they ran into "problems". About two weeks after they laid carpet they returned to find it pulled up and laying against the wall. They laid it again and locked the room. A few days later it was torn up again and left in the same place. I guess they eventually got it to stay down as they started renting the room. Guests immediately began to complain about incidents. Eventually no guest would stay the night. They'd lay their head down, and the next moment would be shaken awake and would rush from the room in terror. The ship management decided to use the room for the payroll office. It may be at this point that the decided to change the carpet (probably to remove all the stains!) and ran into the problems with it not staying down. For whatever reason which I can't remember now, the management was quickly convinced by the crew that turning this room into their payroll office wasn't going to happen. Management agreed and they just locked the room, leaving it much as you see it now with no carpet and no woodwork. I'm not sure what the story is on B340. Most of the online texts I read say a purser was murdered there. I never heard that story while onboard. This room was featured on the British TV series Most Haunted (it was also on the US series Ghost Hunters) and I believe the story there told by one of their psychics was of a woman or small child who was beaten to death by her husband/father. Niether of this was what we heard the night I was in there. In this photo you can see our guide in his uniform. This is the fellow who is the grad student. I went on the tour twice (I like ghosts) and he was our second guide. The first guide didn't take us here. I'm fairly sure she was frightened of the room. So was this guy, who I'll all Trevor. Trevor told us that when the disturbances began the ship's management did research trying to find out what the cause might be. They could find nothing unusual that had happened in the room. They were puzzled until some time later they realized in checking the records that during her service days Cunard Lines had renumbered the room! Looking into the situation it quickly developed that Cunard had renumbered ALL the rooms on B Deck, and according to the records it was all done because of one room were mysterious events had occurred; the first was some kind of violent incident. The second was an elderly guest who reported seeing a ghostly male figure in her room. Fearing this kind of talk would put guests off, Cunard renumbered all the cabins to remove the number that was getting a bad rep. When the ship's crew went through the old maps and where the walls laid out you'll not be surprised to learn that the room with the "dark rep" forms half of Cabin B340. I believe it's the part with the bed in it. Most Haunted says it was the other half. Not sure, but I believe we were told it was on this side, and I trust Trevor. Also notice how Trevor and the other conference guests are safely in the "lightish side".
The old country adage "Red stain on the table - you've been warned !" Actually, some clumsy sod spilt my beer and the resultant pool reflected the Stella canopy that we were all sat under.

how to remove old stains from carpet
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