Links in an excel document you may need for shopping.

The 79th Comparison Shopping for Bagpipe Supplies is not an all inclusive list.  It is also by no means an endorsement of any site listed but just what you see, a list with some comparison prices and the date of the comparison is in the A1 cell.  It is also by no means all of the retailers on the web but a select few either we have dealt with or had used in comparison for some of the pieces/parts we had been looking at.  It will grow or shrink with age and the information on the internet and please take care when ordering from any vendor as you may need to thoroughly check them out before making a purchase.  We have looked at certain things and they may not always fit exactly what we have been trying to find so the descriptions may not be exact and the prices may be incorrect if we did not look at the correct piece.  Again we make no assurance that these are in fact correct or accurate at the time you may use or look at the document.  Please understand this is just used for assistance when you look for the items that have been listed here and again are not an endorsement of any vendor or product.

We strive to help any and all who visit our site with gaining as much information as possible to make an educated and safe purchase.

Newly Updated to add Shipping Costs for most Vendors!
John Kummer,
Oct 21, 2017, 8:08 PM