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1. The First 25 Years

This will be a work in progress.  The 79th Highlanders are over 25 years old...we'll get the details in due course. 

The early group was a transformation from a buck-skinners / mountain man group.  Originally having kilts of the Black Watch tartan and red vests, it had more in common with an early rendition of the 42nd Highlanders instead of the 79th Highlanders. But the 79th New York Regiment (Highlanders), was a "kilted" regiment in the American Civil War, part of the American Army, and part of America's history. 

It was a group that had good spirit, an avid interest in history, and was very generous and helpful.

Rendezvous near Sylvan Lake, near Eagle, Colorado.  Late 1980s.

Rendezvous in the Bijou Basin, eastern Elbert County, Colorado.  Late 1980s.  Chris Lewis is on the right.

Cliff Kelly and Jim Campbell at the Estes Park Highland Games, late 1980s.

1992 Rampart Range Gun Show in Colorado Springs, Colorado

1995 Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico
With members of the Colorado Youth Pipe Band.

Old Newsletters of the 79th Highlanders

This photo is from the Elbert County News, March 23, 2000.  The event was a fund-raiser at Smoky Jack's BBQ
Restaurant in Elizabeth, CO.  The pipe band was actually made up members of the Colorado Youth Pipe Band,
which often was "re-branded" to serve as the "79th Highlanders Pipe Band." 

In those years (1992-2002) the 79th and CYPB enjoyed a close relationship.  The 79th Highlanders Living
History Association did many things, both financially and materially, to support the Colorado Youth Pipe Band,
more than any other Scottish organization.  That record of support still stands to this day.

Leading the "band" is Neil Gillette (current P/M of the 79th, then the Director of the CYPB), followed by Meredith Douglas-Moore (CYPB Pipe Major in 2001-2003, and was last year at Colorado Springs with the 79th).
Behind Meredith is her older brother, Ian Douglas-Moore, who was Pipe Major that year for the CYPB--
that was the year that CYPB went to Scotland and placed 11th at the World Pipe Band Championships in the
Novice Juvenile Grade, crossing the line at Glasgow Green without the old man (who was watching proudly
from the sidelines).  Behind Ian, is Tristan Solome.

Grand Junction Celtic Festival and Highland Games, September, 2000.
The 79th Highlanders Color Guard leads the way in the Massed Bands and Opening Ceremonies.
The 79th was a strong support for the Grand Junction "Games," from its inception in 1996 to 2001,
when it ceased.  It was a good event to go to and be part of.

2002 Kiowa Celtic Festival Opening Ceremonies
(what later became the Elizabeth Celtic Festival),
 ...we actually had snow in the air in mid-May.

Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Festival (Estes Park, Colorado), September 2003.
A memorial for departed member, Les Roe.

Firing a salute, in memory of departed member Les Roe.
Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Festival, Estes Park, Colorado.  September, 2003.

79th Color Guard and Infantry
along with part of our Civil War Display Camp members.
2004 Kiowa Celtic Festival

The Grand Re-Opening of the Elbert County History Museum--May 2008, Kiowa
Jake Stephens (left), ready for bayonet drill. Stay back, he has a long reach!
Jim Campbell with an array of historic-replica firearms, weapons and equipment from the nineteenth century.