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A Taste of Colorado
Civic Center Park, Downtown Denver, CO
Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Taste of Colorado, Sunday, Aug 31

Photos by Reanna Medina.

Part 1 (first show)-- 1:00 p.m.

Marching in from the street:  Scotland the Brave (making a crescent in front of the stage)

2. The Sword Dance (Highland dancers)

3. The Minstrel Boy (pipe band)

4. Blue Bonnets (Highland dancers) 

5. Garryowen (pipe band)

6. Flora MacDonald's Fancy (Highland dancers) Danced to "Bonnie Dundee" (pipe band)

7. Skye Boat Song (pipe band)

8. Seann Triubhas (Highland dancers)

9. No Awa' to Bide Awa' (pipe band)

10. Kirsten's Choreography (Highland dancer) 

11. Marine Corps Hymn (pipe band)

12. Shannon's Choreography  (Highland dancer) 

13. Going Home (solo piper and full pipe band)

14. Gar the Rigger (set) (pipe band) --

[consisting of: Gar the Rigger, Bog Down in the Valley-o, The Rakes of Mallow ]

15. The Rowan Tree (pipe band)

Part 2 (second show)-- 2:15 p.m.

1. Marching in from the street: The Rowan Tree (making a crescent in front of the stage)

2. The Irish Jig (Highland dancers)

3. Wearin' of the Green (pipe band) 

4. The Highland Fling (Highland dancers) "Hot Punch" into "Orange & Blue" (pipe band)

5. Amazing Grace (Solo piper + full pipe band)

6. Highland Laddie (Highland dancers) (pipe band)

7. Mairi's Wedding (pipe band)

8. The Scottish Lilt (Highland dancers)

9. Drum Salute

10. Group Choreography (Highland dancers) Alyssa, Rebekah

11. Highland Cathedral (solo piper and full pipe band)

12. The Sailor's Hornpipe (Highland dancers)

13. Scotland the Brave (pipe band)

Trapper Days Festival
Fort Lupton Historic Park, Ft. Lupton, CO
Saturday, September 6, 2014

Trapper Days Festival, Fort Lupton, 9-4 thru 9-7-2014

This is our entry on our Facebook Page for Sept. 8, 2014--

I know, I know... this last weekend was all about Estes Park (Scottish & Irish Festival), which was a grand affair. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... On Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014, several members of the 79th Highlanders were present at the annual Trapper Days Festival and Rendezvous, held in and around Fort Lupton, Colorado.

For those who aren't aware, there exists a rebuilt fort on the site of the original "Fort Lancaster" (named after former army officer-turned trapper and trading post entrepreneur, Lancaster Lupton). The whole Ft. Lupton historical park includes the rebuilt fort, a visitor center (and gift shop), a homesteader's cabin (recently moved in), a one-room schoolhouse, and a late 19th-century farm house--the Donaldson House.

The whole effort is run by great volunteers all, no paid staff (they can't afford it!)--members and friends of the South Platte River Historical Society. This is a great organization and they run a great event (as part of a larger event in conjunction with the City of Fort Lupton and the Fort Lupton Chamber of Commerce). The Historical Park does not get money from the City or the State of Colorado or any government is not tax-supported; it's people supported. Everyone I met (who had an official capacity, like the event's staff) were friendly and helpful and glad to have everyone see their wonderful park. The guide at the Schoolhouse is a recently retired teacher from the Boulder Valley Schools... dressed like a schoolmarm from 150 years ago.

The 79th Highlanders did a joint concert with the Colorado First Volunteers Civil War Brass Band at 2 p.m. We did several selections together, including "Amazing Grace," "Scotland the Brave/No Awa' to Bide Awa'," a march set-- "Wings/The Rowan Tree/Bonnie Galloway," and "Highland Cathedral." Thanks to Marv Feldman and the Brass for a great concert.

Later, our piping trio performed at the "outer encampment," playing to the casual visitors. One of the photos below shows Jim Campbell explaining how to repair an old beaver trap (you could buy lots of trapper stuff there, both from the official traders, and informally from many more). Attending were Jim Campbell (piper), Charlie "Two-Fox" Cook, Jeff Wolff, Karen Henwood (piper) and her husband, Bill, and Neil Gillette (piper). A kilted guest, was the priest from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ft. Lupton, The Rev. Gary Sitton. (He's a good friend of Bill and Karen, who are also Episcopal priests.)

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