3. Where We Meet

How current is this information?  Revised on April 14, 2018.

Sunday Afternoon Practice is at the Kiowa Masonic Lodge, 321 Pawnee Street, one block north of Hwy. 86 (Comanche St.--the "Main Street" of Kiowa) on Pawnee.  Practice Chanter Class, starting at 11 a.m.to 2 PM. 

79th Highlanders Pipe Band Practice Location

photos courtesy of M.J. Scott, who just got a new camera

Here is a link to an on-line newspaper: New-Plains.com
The reporter drove by and was astonished to see part of a pipe band practicing (if he'd been earlier, he'd seen the whole band).


Currently, it's our policy to not have a band practice on Sunday, if we're performing on Saturday...the rationale being that our band members don't sacrifice their whole weekend for the band. 

ALWAYS CALL BEFORE COMING OUT...because schedules are always provisional and can be changed. 

Call Jim at 303-243-0300 or John 303-646-2724 for information or confirmation that band practice is taking place. 

Practices will be held on Sunday's from 11 AM to 2 PM at the Masonic Hall in Kiowa.


What about bad weather conditions in winter?

As a matter of policy, no one should drive if they think it's nuts to go out.  Further, if there is snow covering the road (because the snow is coming down at a fast rate), practice is cancelled.  If it turns out that we have a performance and it's snowing (or due to be a heavy snow), I'll send out an email and start a phone-relay: it's likely that I'd NOT have us travel to a performance or parade.  Thanks for your understanding.

The 79th is seeking recruits!
We teach beginning piping, for those who are interested. We're also seeking persons who will portray historical kilted (or non-kilted) infantry (riflemen) to complement our band members.

Families are welcome! Dues are currently $35 a year ($50 for a family for a year).
For information, please contact Jim Campbell via email <Jim Campbell> to or via his cell phone at 303-243-0300.