2. Join the 79th Highlanders

The 79th is looking for all interested to become Pipers, Drummers or Infantry.

Beginners or Trained Pipers or Drummers--All are always welcome.

Lessons are FREE!

  Learn the bagpipes or drums or join the infantry.

  Our focus is in the re-enactment of the 79th Regiment of New York.  This is a Civil War living history group with emphasis on the growth of our Pipe Band and Infantry Regiment, all interested parties are welcome and encouraged.


Please contact:

Pipes and Drums

Jim Campbell Lt. Colonel, Commanding at 719-541-4275 or 303-243-0300

General Information
John Kummer, Clerk  at 303-646-2724

      We are open to all who are interested in historical reenactment of the Civil War, primarily the New York 79th Highlanders.  This is a great way to learn about history, military, bagpipes and drums.  We have many requests for events and lots of room for you to grow with us.  Remember the lessons are free and the best part is the costs are minimal.  We are a group that encourages family participation.  Women, Children and families are accepted in our group.  There are many things to learn and lots of things are open for those of all ages and abilities.  Please feel free to contact any of those listed above.

      See the Uniform information page for information about the uniform and for a copy of our recruitment poster which is taken from an original from the early days of the Civil War! (of course we did modify it to help our recruitment but then it fits with what we do!)