2. Reenactor Links

This page will consist of a lot of links to already established websites that are really informative.  From time to time, there will be contradictions and inconsistencies between the different websites and sources--there are no "absolutes" in history.  Each person needs to decide for themselves what versions feel most true.

Links related to the 79th New York "Highlanders"

Kilted Warriors:
An outstanding CD produced by Andy Redmond, throughly well researched. This is music of the 79th NY Highlanders from their time. 

This is a great website, full of information.  Job well done! 
An outstanding effort like this deserves support.

Wikipedia page on the 79th New York Volunteers (Highlanders).  A good overview of the regiment.

A good page with information about the 79th's uniform.

79th New York Highlanders Facebook Page. 
This is the best on-going site I've seen, and the person managing it (Rachel Kelly) really knows her subject.  She is connected with the 79th group in Knoxville, TN.  This is a good place for information on uniforms, especially.  One cannot endorse this site enough: it's the best (in my opinion).

"Thank God Lincoln had only one 79th Highlander Regiment"-- Article on the regiment from the American Civil War Round Table UK (United Kingdom--Great Britain)

Homepage of The 79th New York Infantry, Co. A, East Tennessee.  This is a great site.

Here are some great photos of this unit at the Memorial Day observance at the Knoxville National Cemetery in 2010. (From Knoxnews.com, the website of the Knoxville News Sentenel )

Homepage of Company A, 79th NY Volunteers, "Cameron Highlanders" Civil War Living Historians in Hampton Roads, VirginiaLawrence McCauley is the President of this group, which is well-organized and active.

Homepage of Company B, 79th NY Cameron Highlanders, centered in Connecticut.

Homepage of the Cameron Highlanders of the Northwest (Oregon), Company C, 79th Highlanders.  Also see their photo page.  Col. (later General) Issac Stevens was the first Governor of Washington Territory (from 1853-1861); this group does several events at Ft. Stevens (built in 1863), near Portland, Oregon, which was named for him.

New York State Military Museum's webpage on the 79th Regiment, as well as being the repository for the Regiment's flags, which include the National Colors, the Flank Markers from the Early Civil War, and the Flank Markers from the Late War Period.  Unfortunately, the Regimental Colors from the war don't exist.

The New York Caledonian Club was the "parent" organization of the original 79th Highlanders.  On their website, they have three web pages about the 79th: The Regimental Prayer, Cameron Monument, and Response to the Civil War (an interesting article by Robert Gair, of the Regiment).

Other Civil War-Related Links:

Field Drums Blog is a great resource on period Drums.

Irish in the American Civil War -- A great blog Exploring Irish involvement in the American Civil War

American Civil War Round Table UK -- An interesting and informative website with a British view.  Well worth looking at.

Alexander Gardener: Scottish Photographer of the Civil War -- very interesting.

Edinburgh is the Home to the Only Civil War Memorial Outside the US -- A statue of Abraham Lincoln in Edinburgh

Civil War in Colorado, related links:

The Mile High Fife and Drum Corps is an outstanding organization, led by Karen McGuire, a nationally-known fife instructor and performer. 

Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War is a link to the Colorado State Archives, and gives an overview of Colorado's role in the Civil War.

History: Colorado Territory Civil War Volunteers is a history of Colorado Units.

Colorado's premier Civil War Reenactment unit is the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry.

The Colorado Civil War Facebook Page is a good blog with pretty current information about the mainstream of Colorado Civil War Living History.

There is a Castle Rock Civil War Club, which is active with something happening every month.  Tim Brown is the knowledgeable and helpful leader of this group--Call him at 303-810-2822 or email co-civilwar@earthlink.net

Historic Parks & Locations (mostly Colorado):

Four Mile Historic Park in Denver (Many Civil War related events, often featuring the 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry)

Fort Lupton (reconstructed)

South Platte Valley Historical Society (SPVHS), the organization behind rebuilding Fort Lupton.

Elbert County History Museum, Kiowa, Colorado.  Run by the Elbert County Historical Society.

Bent's Fort National Historical Park, near La Junta, Colorado.

Douglas County Historical Research Center, a service of Douglas County Libraries.

Historic Douglas County, Inc.  is a portal to many area Historic Societies and Historic Sites.

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