[updated 9-1-06]

From Jessica Blatt Rose:
'words of wisdom' or a catch-up:
Still living in Lake Arrowhead (over 12 years)---love the serenity, no traffic lights or billboards!
Still a practicing Dental Hygienist (nearly 20 years). Degreed from Loma Linda University
3 children: 24 yrs.(UCSD grad), 16yrs. & 15yrs. (Jr. & Soph. in high school)
Completed the San Diego Rock & Roll marathon, June '06;  participating in Long Beach marathon Oct. 15
Preferred pasttimes/pleasures:
---cycling (road & mtn.)
---speed-walking & hiking
---kayaking on the lake
---curling up with a good movie
---oreos & milk
See you in 5!  ;-)
If you hold onto something long enough it will become special. I still drive my 1976 Chevy Monza Towne Coupe. I got a lot of ribbing over the years for not getting rid of it from friends and family. After 30 years it is one of only three running Towne Coupes on the West Coast. I entered it in the Chevy Madness Car show last August and it won a very nice First Place trophy for best car in the 1973-1976 class. I did buy a new Mustang for long trips, but my first little car which I drove to Los Al is still the official car of the Los Al Reunion. Now, if only I can find someone interested in all those daily pink schedules I also held onto.......  Pamela Brody [photo attached called "side.jpg"

Do less, this equals more in your life.
Don't buy things on sale,  you probably either already have them or don't need them anyway.
SUV's:  bad idea, I don't care how much you want to feel safe on the road, they're bad for the enviroment.
Have long leisurely lunches.
Take naps.
Read more books.
Watch less T.V.
Get yourself a facial-truly hedonistic!
Read international news.
Send your children to a foreign country-an eye opening experience.
Come to France for a visit!
That pretty much covers it I guess.....
X's&O's, karen.
Greetings to the class of '76 and I wish I could join you for the party. Public school has its deficiencies in many parts of the country, but I think that we fared better than most at Los Alamitos High School. Only now do I see what a blessing it was to grow up in Southern California; from the sun to the mission bells to body surfing at Seal Beach, it is a very special place.
Some of you may know that I grew up to be a paleontologist. Those trips to the desert with Gene Foley really inspired me to go into the natural sciences. So it has been all rocks and fossils for me, and in 1995 I discovered the oldest animal fossils in desert rocks in Sonora Mexico. You can read about this intriguing discovery in my book The Garden of Ediacara (Columbia University Press). I dedicated this book to our teacher Gene Foley.
A word about our Los Al mascot the Griffin. In her book The First Fossil Hunters, Adrienne Mayor makes a very interesting and for me convincing case that the mythical Griffin was once an actual living animal. In Greek mythology the Griffin guards the gold. There is an area in Asia Minor with a major gold deposit and nearby are complete fossils of the beaked dinosaur Protoceratops. Adrienne Mayor argues that the ancients saw these fossils and interpreted them as the Griffin. Not a bad reconstruction, actually, as we now know that some dinosaurs actually had feathers and that birds are directly descended from small dinosaurs. So our Griffin mascot is in fact a dinosaur! I guess I was meant to be a paleontologist after all.
Best to all, and thanks to Jackie for organizing our class of '76.
Hey jackie and Old griffins fans... hahahah here is  my few words of wisdom for all !! from Pam Wasko (Arellano) Jackie Thanks ,for passing these on !!
As we grow older, we learn that the person( or person's) that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will,and you will have your heart broken more than once.Andy you'll probably break  a few hearts too so remember the feeling!!!
 You'll probably fight with your best friend. You'll probably blame a new love for things an old love one did.You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and eventually lose someone ( or many) you love.
 So take WAY too many pictures, laugh WAY too much, and LOVE like you've never been hurt because every 60 seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.
God Bless all of you and remember to love and hug all with true feelings and heart.
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others and if you can not help them,at least dont hurt them.AMEN 
(((((((((( monster HUGS )))))))))) from Pam mwahhhhhhhhh!
Dear Class of 1976:
I send my warmest greetings to you all, and I promise to be at our 35th reunion.  I am trapped in Las Vegas with work commitments or I would be with you tonight.  At least I am with you in thought.  Can you believe that we are pushing 50 years old?  Remember when we thought that was really, really old?  I am flooded with memories as I look at the RSVP list online, and images come back to me as though they were yesterday instead of 30 years ago. 
Remember Mr. Frank, Mr. Loop, Mrs. Zabel, Mr. Howenstein, Mr. Beadle, Mr. Leonard and Ms. Pederson?  Remember assemblies, the Renaissance Faire, football games, Homecoming, and Prom at the Queen Mary?  Remember streaking in the quad, the undercover narcs, and that great, big parking lot with multiple speed bumps?  Remember the drill team, speech and debate, and choir and band?  Remember the "cutest couples" making out on campus and the rebels smoking in the bathrooms. Remember the MPC?  Remember the counselor Stella Swakowski; wasn't that a great name?  Remember how funny we thought it was when we were stopped at a signal on Los Alamitos Boulevard and a bare ass was pressed against the window in the car next to us?
Okay, enough reminiscing.  I hope the second half of life is even better than the first for all of you.  Remember that corny 70's saying "Today is the first day of the rest of your life?"  I guess it really is true.
I send special greetings to my high school buddies who are there tonight without me:  Beth Allegretti, Brenda Crowley,Tom Kessler, Mark Gibbs, Lisa Rivaldo as well as my student government, choir, and speech friends, as well as my Rush & Weaver Elementary Schools and Pine Jr. High friends.
Although I am a lousy friend in terms of staying in touch with those who have created lifelong memories in my heart, I have never forgotten the precious impact you have had on my life, and I think of you often.  I grieve with you when I learn that you have lost parents, and I cheer your strength when I learn you have faced illness and life's other battles.
Have a great evening.  I am toasting you from afar.  See you in five years.
With warmest memories,
Bob Levy
P.S.  I send a big shout-out to the committee who put on tonight's event.  Thanks for taking on this enormous task.
Hi Los Al Class of 1976!
Wish I could be there with you this weekend.  My niece is getting married in Vegas the weekend before. The timing was just bad for me.
I especially would have liked to reconnect with Cindy Seitz and Julie Smith - long time no see girlies!  Hi to you, too, Kathy Keary. Still no Cathy Thompson at a reunion though?? Bummer!  I emailed with Dennis Ferguson a couple years ago to try to track down Darlene, but she never sent me an email so I don't know what's up with that.  Cindy - what ever happened to Andy and Rick Seipel? Do they still hang out?
I'm still married to my husband, Lee. It's been 12 ½ years now. We still live in Ogden, Utah. I have worked at a local technical college for the past 17 years.  I've had an Arabian horse for the past ten years. I do a lot of horseback riding in the mountains where we have a camping lot. The recreation opportunities in Utah are awesome. It is a beautiful state! We also do lots of four-wheeling. With no kids to tie us down, we are always on the go! =)
You all have a good time and tip back a few glasses of wine for me!!!  I'll look forward to hearing all about it from Lori.
I am a divorced, single mother of 3 really great kids.
Brian is 25 and is a manager and bartender at Red Robin.
Traci is 23 and is a server/bartender at Red Robin. She received her Bachelor's degree in communicative disorders at CSULB and is currently working on her masters to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. Traci is engaged to marry her high school sweetheart, Luis, next August.
Steve is 18, working at the Marriott Courtyard and he has plans to go in the Navy. I was working full-time for United Airline at LAX until 911 at which time I was reduced to part-time. With the help from my kids, they picked up the household bills and made it possible for me to return to school. I now work full-time at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital as a Surgical Technologist and still work part-time for United Airlines.
Harold & Ellen Sandler:
On Aug. 26th, we were moving our oldest to college...who is almost 18 yrs. and our youngest is 16 1/2. We've been married for 23 yrs, but have known each other for 26 yrs.

Jan Fox:
On behalf of the reunion committee I would like thank you all for coming.  Also thank you to thoses that didn't make it but shared whatever you could for this 30th reunion.  It was all of you who made this event a success. 

To my reunion committee co-members: each one of you are perfect examples of what makes our class so wonderful.