Men of the 75th

The following pictures are of members from the 75th Ohio that served during the Civil War. 

Any information that is available has been placed by each picture.

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One of the flags of the 75th OVI is in the Wyoming, Ohio City Council Chambers.

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Ladder Badge owned by the 75th OVI Reenactors



Nathaniel C. McLean, Colonel

Promoted to Brig. General Dec. 3, 1862

Photos Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute

Samuel Hart, Surgeon

Appointed Dec. 18, 1861; discharged May 15, 1863

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute

Cpl. Charles Chalker, Co K

Pvt. James M. Williamson, Co B

Mustered out Dec. 22, 1864 in Columbus, Ohio on expiration of term of service

James A. Crozet, 1st Lieutenant, Co H

Promoted from Sergeant to 2nd Lieut. Co K Dec. 9, 1862; captured May 2, 1863 at battle of Chancellorsville, Va; promoted to 1st Lieut. of Co H June 2, 1863; mustered out Jan. 17, 1865 on expiration of term of service

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute

Sgt. Issac Eby Co G

Captured July 2, 1863 at battle in Gettysburg, PA; returned to company Oct. ---; appointed Corporal Feb. 5, 1864; Sergeant May 1, 1864; killed Aug. 17, 1864 in battle at Gainesville, Fl; veteran



Elias Montfort, Cpt. Co F

20, enlisted Ocotber 8, 1861, appointed 2nd Lieut. Dec 14, 1861; promoted to 1st Lieut. May 15, 1862; to Captain Jan. 14, 1863; discharged Dec. 9, 1863 for wounds received July 1, 1863 in battle at Gettysburg, PA by order of the War Department. A family member came and retrieved him to return to Ohio. The train they traveled on wrecked but Montfort and his family members survived.

The picture of the older Montfort, taken in 1911, is owned and submitted by Elias Riggs Montfort III and the Montfort family.

Daniel J. Flemming

Entered into service September 27, 1861 appointed Cpl Co F December 14, 1861; promoted to Commisary Sgt. March 1, 1863; Promoted to 1st Lt Co D June 27, 1864; transferred from Co D to Co A-Battalion December 30, 1864; mustered out with company July 27, 1865; Veteran

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute


George Benson Fox, Major

Entered service with the 75th Ohio on Nov. 5, 1861 at the age of 19. Transferred from the 11th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry and appointed 2nd Lieutenant Nov. 5, 1861; promoted to 1st Lieutenant Sept. 12, 1862; Captain Dec. 3, 1862; Major June 11, 1863; captured Aug. 17, 1864, at battle of Gainesville, Fl; mustered out March 18, 1865, at Jacksonville, Fl on expiration of term of service.

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute


Andrew L. Harris, Colonel

Appointed Captain Nov. 9, 1861; severely wounded May 8, 1862 in battle at McDowell, VA; promoted to Major Jan. 12, 1863 and then to Colonel May 3, 1864. Wounded July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg. Mustered out Jan. 17, 1865 in Jacksonville, Fl. Breveted Brig. General March 13, 1865.

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute


Pictures of Harris' belongings graciously donated by a friend of the 75th


Cpl. Adam Friend

He was wounded in the groin at the Battle of Chancellorsville May 2, 1863 and was hospitalized until October 12, 1863 when he was listed as deserted then went back to his regiment.He was a prisoner for a time, then went on to collect a pension, retired as a railroad crossing watchman, and lived out his life in the Cincinnati Ohio area until his death at the ripe old age of 82. He married in 1866 and fathered 7 children. His oldest son, John August Friend, belonged to the "Sons of Veterans, U.S.A. Albert E. Martin Camp No. 464 in Hartwell (Cincinnati), Ohio" from 1890.

Submitted by Betty Barlow Memorial Page for Adam Friend


Pvt. James Bartley

Taken in 1914 at the age of 74. Was wounded July 1 at Gettysburg in the left knee and then Honorably Discharged at Hilton Head, SC on Jan. 16, 1865. 

Photo and information provided by J. Peacor.




Musician John W Meek, Co G

Appointed ----; captured Aug. 17, 1864 at battle in Gainesville, F; transferred from Co E to Co B Dec. 24, 1864. Pvt. Meek was mustered out June 23, 1865 at Camp Dennison, Ohio by order of the War Department

Henry L. Morey, Cpt. Co G

Appointed 2nd Lieutenant Dec. 10, 1861; promoted to 1st Lieut. Co K May 15, 1862; Captain Jan. 12, 1863; mustered out Dec. 22, 1864 in Columbus, Ohio on expiration of term of service

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute

Pvt. Moses Steadman, Co E and wife

Submitted by Jim Jenson



William J. Rannels, Cpt. Co B

Appointed Dec. 22, 1861; captured Aug 3,1862 at battle of Bull Run,VA; exchanged ---; promoted to 1st Lieutenant Sept. 21, 1862; Captain June 10, 1863; wounded July --, 1863 at battle in Gettysburg, PA; captured Aug. 17, 1864 at battle in Gainesville, Fl; transferred to Co B Dec 21, 1864; mustered out with company July 27, 1865

Robert Reily, Colonel

Promoted to Lieut. Colonel from Major Dec. 30, 1862; to Colonel January 12, 1863; Killed May 2, 1863 in the battle of Chancellorsville, VA 

Picture provided by Dorritt Morgan


Cpl. Joel H. Shamel, Co B

Wounded May 2, 1863 in battle at Chancellorsville, VA; Transferred from Co E to Co B Dec. 24, 1864; appointed Corporal Jan. 1, 1865; mustered out with company July 26, 1865; veteran

Civil War Diary of Elias D. Moore 114th O.V.I Co.


Erastus Fouch 
Photo provided by Stephen Saxon

John North and Sarah Harris submitted by their Great Great Grand-daughter Julie North.

John North

John North 28, enlisted 8-9-1862 in Co A. Captured July2 at Gettysburg and sent to Libby Prison, paroled 8-3-1863, transferred from Co A - Co B-Batt 12-16-1864, mustered out with company 7-27-1865 at Hilton Head, SC.

There are two stories of interest surrounding John North, (1) He verified shooting a reb in the chest from across a stream. He and the Reb were trying to reload to shoot each other when John left his ramrod in his rifle. When he fired it, it struck the Reb in the chest killing him. (2) John decided to chain two cannon balls together and fire them against the enemy. He said the carnage that happened due to that act was too vicious even for war and never did it again.

James and Dexter Kempton 

Photos provided by TBD

Private Francis Mallen, an Irish immigrant, was mustered into service with the 75th OVI Co E on December 2nd, 1861 at 18 years of age at Camp McLean, Ohio. Pvt. Mallen fought in 26 engagements and was captured and released on three different occasions; August 30th, 1862 at the Battle of 2nd Bull Run, October 1862, during the Defense of Washington DC, and at the Battle of Gettysburg was captured during the fighting at East Cemetery Hill on July 2nd. He was exchanged and rejoined the Regiment in South Carolina. Mallen served as mounted infantry with the 75th when transferred to Florida. It was during this time suffering from a respiratory illness Pvt. Mallen was mustered out of the service on January 15, 1865 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Photograph and additional info contributed by the Stine & Bender families.


Captain Henry B. Lacey Regimental Quartermaster 

Photo provided by Dwight Doval


Private James Jackson Co. A killed at Gettysburg 

Provided by Ross Jackson

Pvt. John J. Brown - Co. "K" - Wounded at 2nd Bull Run, Aug. 30, '62. Discharged Oct. 13, '62. John J. is both buried Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Wife, Jennie.

Capt. Mahlon B. Briggs - Co. "B", Died on July3 from wounds on July 1 at Gettysburg.


Private Charles M. Wright - Company "H" - Wounded July 2 at the Battle of Gettysburg; transferred to 124th Company, 2nd Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps, Dec. 22, '63. 

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army Military History Institute





Benjamin Morgan,

Appointed Captain of Company "F" Dec. 14, '61. Promoted to Major May 3, '63. Promoted to Lt. Colonel June 11, '63. Severely wounded on July 1st at the Battle of Gettysburg; captured August 17, '64 at the Battle of Gainesville, FL.

Photos from Buckeye Blood.

Joseph B. Alter

1st Lt. Company "A". Appointed 1st Sgt. from Sgt. Jan. 20, '63, promoted to 1st Lt., wounded July 1 in the Battle of Gettysburg, captured August 17, '64 at Gainesville, FL. Promoted to Captain of Company "F", April 31, '64.



Oscar D. Ladley

Enlisted as a private in Company "E" 16th Ohio Volunteersp a 90 day Regiment.

Appointed Sgt. Company "G" 75th OVI Dec.10, '62, 1st Sgt '62, promoted to 2nd

Lt. May 15, '62, promoted to 1st Lt. Oct. 6, '62. Promoted to Captain of

Company "E" April 13, '64

Photos from Hearth & Knapsack taken in 1863

Lt. Thomas Wheeler Co. A

Wounded three times while leading a charge at Gettysburg died twenty days later in a hospital.

Pictures graciously donated by Ancestor Vince Powers of Texas

Corporal James Brannon Company "D", discharged Sept 7, '62 on Surgeon's certificate of disability.

From his book of poems "Garnered Diamonds" 1897

David Blair Caldwell and his first wife, Angelina Thompson.

D.B. Caldwell was born on 16 November 1830, in Indiana County, PA. He died on 4 June 1915, at Vickery, Sandusky County, Ohio, and is buried in Parkhust Cemetery, Vickery, with his second wife, Mary Jane Gorrell.

Caldwell served in the Mexican War as a private being mustered out as a 2nd Lieutenant. He fought in the battle of Mexico City.

His Civil War service began with the 18th Regiment OVI. He entered service on 20 April 1861, was appointed 1st Sergeant 24 April 1861, promoted to 2nd

Lieutenant 18 June 1861 and was mustered out 28 August 1861.

Caldwell entered service with Co I, 75th Ohio on 9 December 1861, was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 6 October 1862, promoted 1st Lieutenant 10 June 1863 and Captain, 13 April 1864. He was discharged 17 January 1865 as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Caldwell fought in several battles to include Bull Run, was wounded, and was captured 2 July 1863, at Gettysburg. He was transported to Libby Prison,

Richmond, VA, where he served for nine (9) months. While being transported by prison train to Camp Columbia, along with Lts. Potts and Mendenhall,

escaped by jumping from a moving train. Caldwell eventually made his way back to Union forces.

Pvt. Charles McKibben and his second wife Rose. 

Contributed by Wayne Hill.

Oct. 14, 1930, with some of the staff at the veteran's home he was staying at Nebraska.


Pvt. Charles McKibben

Pvt. Henry J. McNutt Co. 'B" and wife Durinda  about 1900. 

Compliments of Fern Johnson

Lt. David McCully, Co. E, 75th Ohio captured the night of July 2 on Cemetery Hill, and was imprisoned in Charleston South Carolina where he died.

On day of his capture, he had been promoted to Captain, but because he was unable to muster to accept, the promotion was never confirmed.

McCully was reinterred at Andersonville by the Clara Barton Commission after the war.

Photograph and additional info contributed by the Stine & Bender families.

James A. Johnston

Born May 06, 1830, at Upper Piqua Farm, Piqua, OH.  Served with the 75th OVI, mustered at New York on May 27th, 1861 for 3 years.  Mustered in as a private in the 9th Regiment New York, May 27th, 1861; appointed Sergeant May 30th, 1861.  Appointed First Lieutenant and transferred to the 75th OVI, Company K, October 10, 1861 and Captain Decemeber 30th, 1861.  Sick on the march and left the Regiment at Warrenton, VA August 26th, 1862.  Died of Typhoid September 8th, 1862 at Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, D.C.


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