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Col. Dwight  E. Dovel's 75th OVI

 Look for us at many of the Local Florida and National Events.  Come visit, learn and join!

Remembering Our Dearly Departed Colonel, Dwight Dovel

A message from Captain Barry King:  To all 75th Ohio members Past and Present. We are having a reunion and military service for Col. Dwight Dovel. There will be a special meal saturday in his honor. We are also organizing a company tin type of all 75th Ohio members past and present. We are also trying to arrange a special morning parade for saturday.
   So come out, even if your day trip it, it would mean a lot. Dwight always wanted a show of numbers, lets make it happen. More information will be posted as specifics come in. Please let us know if you will be attending. This will be at Brooksville weekend of Jan 20th, 2018.

Article on Dwight: "Be an encourager...you never know where it will lead"

The 75th OVI at Barlow's Knoll Battlefield Site (Gettysburg) on July 2nd, 2008 for the First Modern 145th Anniversary Descendants Reunion

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Company A Directory

Company Clerk:  Tom Criscuolo

President and Commander:  Capt. Barry King

2nd in Command:  1st Sgt. Evan Phillips

Vice President and 3rd in Command:  2nd Sgt. Daniel Sharits
Email:   dan75th@mac.com

Regimental Historian:  Tom Criscuolo

Company Secretary:  Melody Hunter

Company Treasurer:  JoJo Darling

Company Webmaster Email:   headquarters@75thovi.net

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  • Hospital Stewards
  • Infantry
  • Music (Buglers)
  • Non Commissioned Officer
  • Provost Guards
  • Surgeon

Who We Are

Location: Florida Statewide - but mostly in the Orlando area.
Information:  A Family Oriented Group. Over two Decades of Experience in the Hobby.  Authenticity and Safety are Stressed. Can train and help equip new recruits. Large Historical Database of the Original 75th O.V.I. Unit Legacy. Caretaker of Many Original Unit Artifacts. Preservation Minded. Relic Hunting Enthusiasts.
Unit Website: www.75thovi.net
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Original Unit History: Seventy-fifth Infantry. - Cols., Nathaniel C. McLean, Robert Riley, Andrew L. Harris ; Lieut.-Cols., Robert A. Constable, Charles W. Friend, Benjamin Morgan; Maj., George B. Fox. This regiment was organized at Camp John McLean from Nov. 7, 1861, to Jan. 8, 1862, to serve for three years.
The original members (except veterans) were mustered out by detachments at different dates from Nov. 16, 1864, to Jan. 17, 1865, by reason of expiration of term of service, and the veterans and recruits consolidated into a battalion of two companies, which was retained in service until July 27, 1865, when it was mustered out in accordance with orders from the war department.

The following is the official list of battles in which this regiment bore an honorable part, as given in the Official Army Register:

1861-2 Department of the Mountains (Major General John C. Fremont) 

Shaw's Ridge 
Cross Keys 
Cedar Mountain 
Freeman's Ford 
Waterloo Bridge 
Sulphur Springs
1862 Army of Virginia (Major General John Pope) 

Second Battle of Bull Run 
1862-3 Army of the Potomac (Major General Joseph Hooker) 

Gettysburg (Major General George G. Meade) 
1864-5 Department of the South (Brigadier General Quincy A. Gillmore) 

Fort Wagner 
John's Island 
Camp Baldwin 
Gainesville (Major General J. G. Foster) 
Pocataligo Bridge 
At Monterey the regiment displayed bravery and gave evidence of the fine discipline to which it had attained under the teachings of the officers of the regiment.

At McDowell it added new laurels to its former good name under the immediate eye of Gen. Milroy, who warmly congratulated Col. McLean on the gallantry of his regiment. It lost 88 men killed and wounded.

It also lost heavily at Freeman's ford...

...Also true at the second Bull Run - 22 killed and 93 wounded.

In the short space of half an hour at Chancellorsville the regiment lost 150 men killed and wounded.

It was under fire every day of the battle at Gettysburg, where out of 292 enlisted men, 63 were killed, 106 wounded and 34 captured.

In the unfortunate affair at Gainesville, Fla., 14 men were killed and 32 wounded, who together with about 72 others were taken prisoners.

Regimental history taken from "The Union Army" by Federal Publishing Company, 1908 - Volume 2