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Clarification on the Opus Yahweh Creed

The opus Yahweh creed is a personal collection, it is not an official creed.

The creed was already in place before I returned fully to the catholic church. It, like almost all I have produced online, is created to combat one or other heresy. It is not endorsing Sola Fide. Even then, I did not entirely endorse such. I believed then that Faith, Love and hope were inseparable, and so, faith was the only requirement for salvation, I listed, because true faith, as I believed then "acts in obedeience to the voice that calls". Thereby, I was saying that the argument of the creationists was unimportant, and their imposing it on others- not in line with correct doctrine.

While it says- the truth is simple, the only truth one knows fro sure- this is not a denial that other things can be known about God, but a way of speaking. I say that it allows greater truths, but have removed the creed for now, having read chalcedon.


It may be better to say that all three- "Love, Hope and faith", are equally vital to salvation, but also, that none can come to God unless he called them. Therefore, Grace alone saves, not faith alone, but I do not state that faith alone saves. Also, I state that I do not observe days, by this I mean the laws of the Mosaic, Old law, Levitical Law, and not the obligation of attending mass, in order to keep Sunday holy, learn about God, and in order to obey the church, which, being in my case - The Holy Catholic and Apostolic church, or at least one with apostolic succession, means such is necessary. To not obey, would be- to not love God. For the old has been replaced by "faith", by a law based on love, and based on trust, on belief in the Law-giver, for "that not of faith is sin", and "disobedience is sin", and the law is summed up in love, thereby, as the old law was summed in Love your neighbour as yourself, and the Lord with all you are (etc), thereby it showed the best way to love, in the meaning sort command. Thereby, we are no longer under the circumstantial commands of the day, that relate only to passed regulations of that law, yet we are under the meaning of it, and must obey the manner in which people are told to treat others, but do not have to obey, what I termed as "external" and in the modern erra, having passed away and replaced by Church law- thereby "worthless". We are thereby also under the power of the apostles, who history records as leaving successors, now in the Catholic church.




Opus Yahweh