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Bible Translations and Accuracy (see Our search on the origins and history of the bible and Bible translations we endorse)


Obviously, this is both a contentious and worrying issue, but many have wondered what bible translation is best to use. Whether the sole source of truth as many heretically and fraudulently claim, or truth interpreted in relation to itself and God, through tradition (verbal teachings of the Apostles) and the Church’s infallible teaching (only when acting in certain positions, such as Vatican two, and where the church acts in the person of Christ), scripture is still a vital teaching tool, and a Devine Map to our every action, filled lovingly with the voice of God, and absolutely vital to all who rely on God. Read this whole article, as its point is not necessarily what it appears to be.


To simply rely on any to translate it is the most foolish thing imaginable. As I explained in the article on Sola Scriptura, not only did those who invented the heresy of Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) prepared to remove from the Canon of scripture, taking away almost ten percent of the books of the bible for their own means, and moving the four new testament books they thought not to preach Sola Fide (the heresy that says that one can enter heaven by “Faith alone”) to the end of the new testament (Revelation, Jude, James, and Hebrews) and leaving stern warnings against their accuracy, for their own purposes, but they also created the version of the bible that most churches, except those with Devine inspiration and protection against such (Orthodoxy and Catholicism) , with only 66 of the original 73 books that the Primitive Catholic Church declared to be the infallible Canon of scripture around the date 382 (council of Rome) or so.


This does not make the 66 book bible inaccurate in what it has, but it does show that pushing even further than the fallacy of sola scriptura, our brothers don’t even have the full scripture. We know that the bible advocates medicine along with prayer in the wisdom books, but many 66 book bible followers have refused medicine or blood transfusions, once again choosing “Faith alone” to save them when God gave just the opposite of such guarantee. In fact, contrary to those who founded their churches, many even deny the power of baptism, which the reformers saw as absolutely vital to salvation, in fact, while we allow for baptism of Desire, or Martyrdom, these early reformers saw baptism as absolutely a deciding factor, even as we see those who know of its necessity as obligated to partake, yet to them it was even more so. Would you take every second paragraph of my words and declare that it is the entirety, even if your life depended on my statements, as many do with only about 90.41% of scripture.


Sadly, while the first King James Version of the bible included the other 7 books of the bible, since the second version, it has excluded it. What’s more, language evolves, and apart from Tradition, which is verbal, and the church, we cannot point out the exact meaning of a word to the time, nor the exact context. Most Non-Orthodox translations have to go on either literal translation or trust external sources, or their own church tradition. Like we stated in the article on Sola Scriptura, words have already changed in just fifty years, and local communities often gain slang and their own versions of meaning for words. Sadly, also, uninspired translators can lose original puns, or double meaning, or even worse, could miss vital niceties or meanings in the shift from past to future tense, nor gain the difference in tense in different languages. Also, Greek does not have our advance grammar, and could shift the emphasis of many statements.


In English translations, we may read


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”,



Whereas the actual meaning may have been closer to


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever (actively and continually) believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”,


Due to what the Greek future or present tense is, yet that still does not make either version more accurate, nor does it make any bible translation on its own – accurate.


So, should we entirely discard all the 66 book bibles as wrong? Surely not, if we did, then we’d be denying truth, no, while such are not the full bible, and not always accurate- most bibles are made with the conditions of strict prescriptions formulated by meetings of both Catholics and Protestants. Surely, if one reads a Good News Bible without the Deutercanonical books, and then reads that printed for Catholic use, one still reads the bible. Rather, God aids us, if we pray and ask his help in reading scripture. If we take scripture with the Godly Wisdom, tradition and teaching of the church in mind, and determine to read what God wants us to hear, and not to find our own justification in false statements, then even if we do not have a 73 book bible, we still have part of the bible, and if we go through our full church training, then this can be compensated for.


Rather, while reading any bible (of relative accuracy) is vital, the 73 book, bibles, especially approved versions are even more so, and as we do not rely on Sola Scriptura, but rather on the three footed stool of Scripture, Tradition, and Church, it is not as dangerous as it could be to have an inadequate bible version, that does not take adequately into account the above mentioned factors. As tradition is oral, and remains constant despite changing and evolving languages, it is useful, as is the historical records of both church and society in maintaining the meaning of what is translated. Surely, if you have a 66 book bible of adequate translation, and you read it regularly, then the best bible is one you read, but if you can, then get a proper translation, such as the Jerusalem Bible, or New American Bible or Good News Bible (Catholic).

Copyright 2007, 2008- Marc Aupiais

If this debate contradicts any past, present or future Roman Catholic doctrine, then those statements of this debate which contradict such are to be discarded.


Marc Aupiais

Copyright 2007,2008.


In clarifying- what used to be here

It may be better to say that all three- "Love, Hope and faith", are equally vital to salvation, but also, that none can come to God unless he called them. Therefore, Grace alone saves, not faith alone, but I do not state that faith alone saves. Also, I state that I do not observe days, by this I mean the laws of the Mosaic, Old law, Levitical Law, and not the obligation of attending mass, in order to keep Sunday holy, learn about God, and in order to obey the church, which, being in my case - The Holy Catholic and Apostolic church, or at least one with apostolic succession, means such is necessary. To not obey, would be- to not love God. For the old has been replaced by "faith", by a law based on love, and based on trust, on belief in the Law-giver, for "that not of faith is sin", and "disobedience is sin", and the law is summed up in love, thereby, as the old law was summed in Love your neighbour as yourself, and the Lord with all you are (etc), thereby it showed the best way to love, in the meaning sort command. Thereby, we are no longer under the circumstantial commands of the day, that relate only to passed regulations of that law, yet we are under the meaning of it, and must obey the manner in which people are told to treat others, but do not have to obey, what I termed as "external" and in the modern erra, having passed away and replaced by Church law- thereby "worthless". We are thereby also under the power of the apostles, who history records as leaving successors, now in the Catholic church.

Marc Aupiais


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