Wood kitchen work table : Narrow console table

Wood Kitchen Work Table

wood kitchen work table
    work table
  • A sewing table or work table is a table or desk used for sewing. Generally is has large amounts of space and a full set of sewing tools. Nearby there will be a chair and a waste bin. A common attachment is a dropleaf to give expanded space.
  • (Work Tables) A small table with a hinged top concealing spaces for sewing accessories, which was introduced late in the eighteenth century. Many have a silk-covered hanging bag, and the top is sometimes inlaid with squares for chess.
  • worktable: a table designed for a particular task
  • Cuisine
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301 The OMG table!
301 The OMG table!
Vince made this table on wheels for the kitchen, and affixed the knives to the side. He is SO excited about it. There is a shelf on the bottom for the mixer and the blender. He keeps asking when I'm going to take a picture...today's the day!
The kitchen
The kitchen
The kitchen where i usually work behind my laptop. The kitchen and table are my own 'design' and made by us... i love wood!

wood kitchen work table
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