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Make Up And Hair Game

make up and hair game
    make up
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hair crazies documented
hair crazies documented
i've been wicked depressed the last few weeks/months and decided the night before last that i wanted to do something crazy. well, i think i've succeeded in the crazy. before, long and heavy 2. bye bye 4.5 inches 3. yep, there is goes 4. hair on the floor 5. crazy face holding hair 6. this got cut off but i was trying to compare the length to the first shot 7. way shorter hair. i look unimpressed but it felt great. 8. oh bleach, you evil thing. i've never fully bleached my hair. didn't turn out quite right. i will have to rebleach and try dyeing it again. 9. manic panic atomic turquoise. didn't turn out the way i wanted it to. more of a teal turquoise. i'm waiting a few days and deep conditioning the ever loving out of my hair before i redo it. people who've seen it in person are shocked! heh. :P
Hair cut '03
Hair cut '03
This pic was taken right after i had my hair cut, way back in May 2003 - 14 inches of it! I did donate it, to Locks of Love I think it was.

make up and hair game