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    makeup artist
  • applies and changes makeup for photo sessions
  • A makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the modeling industry.
  • This is a person who applies makeup professionally to models and other people before they appear on television, in films or any other public platform..
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Mostly All Access
Mostly All Access
All this week, my job finds me working for ESPN at the US Open, doing the sportscasters makeup. Although I went into this not being a big fan of golf, I will admit that it was pretty cool seeing Tiger Woods play right in front of me, and to have the chance to do Arnold Palmer's makeup for the second time in my career ( He is a really nice, down to earth man). They gave me this pass, which enables me to access nearly all areas of the course and the behind the scenes areas that most people do not get to check out. I guess I never realized what a huge event this is, or how many people are fanatical about the sport.
Makeup Trial
Makeup Trial
As I began planning for my wedding, I found myself cringing at the photographs I saw of brides getting their three-hour pampering by makeup artists and hairdressers so that the woman who ended up walking down the aisle turned out to be a whole other person than whom their fiances proposed to. With the exorbitant prices some of the makeup professionals charged, it may have actually been more economical to pay Heidi Klum to walk down the aisle for me and be my 'stunts-person' at the wedding.

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