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Welcome to the Team 6Z Guided Academics
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Lets unlock the secrets to sixth grade together!Image result for lockers ORGANIZATION
* Organization is the key to sixth grade.  Each class has an organization system that is followed during class and for homework.
MATH: A math binder is kept in the classroom.  The binder is divided into five sections.  Each section is labeled and only papers specific to that section are placed there.  The teacher will remind students verbally where to place each paper. 

A math homework folder will have papers that need to be completed.  This folder should be brought back and forth to school.

IXL : Is the online program that provides practice and enrichment activities in math.  Each student has a password and they can access the site at any time. The goal is to get an 80% or more in the standards listed.  If you know that your child has difficulty with multiplication this is a great way to get extra practice in. Teachers can see what students are working on and how long it is taking them to complete problems. 

SCIENCE: You will be writing nightly homework assignments in your assignment notebook.  All papers will come back and forth to school in your science folder.

LANGUAGE ARTS: Homework is written  in the assignment notebook daily.  The goal is to get students to choose books at their independent reading level and read nightly for at least twenty.   The first genre of the year is fantasy and/or science fiction.  There will be reading responses due during the school year and dates will be posted in assignment notebooks and on the online calendar.

Image result for just right books       To find the just right book you should read something you are interested in.  Read the back cover and the first page before making your decision.  If a book is too hard you will know right away.  Make sure that you can understand the story and it makes sense.  You can also check out of the library the audio version to read along with.  This will only work if you read along with the text. The public library has a great selection. 

In Guided Academics the first book of the year we will be reading together is Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. 

YouTube Video


Students will read with the group, listen to portions from an audio recording and independently read selections from the text.  They will use this text as their first response in their reading notebooks.  This book offers colorful descriptions of characters and has a plot that relates to students. 

Student Support Links
1. Make your own flash/cards (any subject) and test yourself on-line at;
2. Even better flash-card maker (If you want to print your flash-cards:
3.  Easy to make graphic organizer
4. Would you like to create your own crossword puzzle or word search?

 * Remember that teachers are always available to help you.  There are opportunities for extra help during homeroom, lunch and after school.  You can contact me at .  Homework help is from 2:25-2:55 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If you need access to a computer, please let your teacher know.  Homework and projects will be assigned using technology.