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Toys Wholesale Dropship

toys wholesale dropship
  • the selling of goods to merchants; usually in large quantities for resale to consumers
  • at a wholesale price; "I can sell it to you wholesale"
  • sweeping: ignoring distinctions; "sweeping generalizations"; "wholesale destruction"
  • Sell (goods) in large quantities at low prices to be retailed by others
  • (Dropshipping) Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.
  • A Dropship is a fictional transport vehicle featured frequently in science fiction, in particular Military Science Fiction and Space Opera genres.
  • Blizzard Entertainment's bestselling real-time strategy game series StarCraft revolves around interstellar affairs in a distant sector of the galaxy, with three species and multiple factions all vying for supremacy in the sector.
  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult
  • An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something
  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with
  • (toy) dally: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl's affection"
  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"
  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness

Imperial Dropship Test
Imperial Dropship Test
The people of the moon of Makem have turn against the Imperial rule. They have allied with the new forming 'Rebellion' and are planning a campaign on the Imperial controlled planet of Chorack. Day one “We were on our regular scout, nothing seemed very active, but as we were about to give the ‘all clear’ we were attacked. I thought the only way they could’ve gotten through our defenses is by ion weaponry, but that didn’t matter now. I made an immediate request for back up and they arrived very soon in our prototype dropship, modified with two speeders and some troops. We won the fire-fight but we had more battle in store for us.” Day twenty-four “We have repelled the Rebel forces and the People of Makem have been taken care of. The planet of Chorack is still under Imperial control. We had maximum casualties but I can say the same for that Rebel scum. Now our drop ships have gained Darth Vader’s approval and are ready to be put into combat. “ This is for part two of the mission in the Imperial Conquest! Also, I'm really sorry for the bad picture quallity, It was hard getting everything in focus.
"If you've ever dreamed of working at your own pace and on your own time, then you'll find that our incredible, state-of-the-art system will fit into your vision quite well! You see, we provide all the tools you need to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Break away from the everyday stresses of the modern workplace and live freely!"

toys wholesale dropship
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