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Japanese Stuffed Toys

japanese stuffed toys
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  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with

Japanese Felt Stuffed Toy Animal And Plush Book-Aranzi Aronzo-Nuigurumi
Japanese Felt Stuffed Toy Animal And Plush Book-Aranzi Aronzo-Nuigurumi
This is a fabulous book. Some of the things you will learn how to make are: Rabbit Plushies in cute check pattern clothes Bear Plush Monkey Plush Fish Plush Kappa a water imp plush Penguin plush Pink Hippo plush etc... There are 79 pages. It is written in Japanese but with lots of drawing showing the steps.
Japanese Soft Toy Book 5/6
Japanese Soft Toy Book 5/6
Japanese Soft Toy Book 5/6 I don't own these books, i just have the scans, so please no specific questions: i don't know more about these books than you do! thanx ~x

japanese stuffed toys
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