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Truck Tire Replacement

truck tire replacement
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garden variety tires
garden variety tires
Made from two photos, one exposed for lights, one for darks. NOTE: Replaced original post on 04-01-11 because thanks to comments I noticed the old one (seen below in comment box) was too dark & saturated. For the replacement above, the two exposure blend was done with stand alone Linux Kipi-Plugin called ExpoBlending, then edited that in GIMP. Previous one (below) used a 2 exposure blending GIMP plugin called Dynamic Range Extender followed by edits. EXIF for each shot is the same except the seconds of exposure: F11, 1/50 sec & 1/250sec, 20mm, ISO 200, tripod, probably used polarizer. DeKalb County, TN ~ green tech series #4
gatored tire
gatored tire
Add this to "things you don't want to see on (or near) your truck" - this is a gatored (retread that shed the tread...) tire, from a trucker's trailer. The replacement tire is seen to the left of the mechanic's leg. (his right leg) Taken by a Nikon D40x at ISO 1600 with an 18-55mm Nikkor kit lens. (at 38) Seen at the Commerce City, CO T/A truck stop..

truck tire replacement
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