Performance Truck Tires

performance truck tires
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I Hate Tire Shine
I Hate Tire Shine
I hate shiny tires. I really do. I've always been a person who put function ahead of form and tire shine never appealed to me. If something did not improve performance, I did not want it. Don't even get me started on heavy chrome wheels! However, our 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali came with the 20" chrome wheel option, so who am I to complain, especially when there's 380 hp and 417 lb. ft. of torque to help haul it around? The sun came out on Saturday and I didn't even wash the Denali--well, except for the wheels. And that was only because... ...the tire shine that the dealership had put on just before we picked up the truck washed off in the rain and made the tires look faded and streaked, like runny mascara--hardly fitting of "The Beast." I used the wheel cleaner on the tires to scrub the accumulated brake dust off the rubber carcass. Then I figured that since I was in that area anyway, I might as well spray and clean the chrome, too. And it worked pretty well, getting the tires to look like tires again and the wheels to sparkle like crystals in the sun. I wasn't even going to add any tire shine at all but then I thought maybe I should condition the rubber so that it didn't continue to fade from the poor quality materials used in the past. And that's the only reason why I used tire shine: to save myself some work in the future. I swear. So what if The Beast looks like it has lip gloss on. What's the big deal?
Pirelli’s Green Performance tire – the Scorpion Verde All Season
Pirelli’s Green Performance tire – the Scorpion Verde All Season
the Scorpion Verde All Season for SUVs, crossovers and trucks that makes no compromises in energy efficiency and performance. Increase your vehicle’s performance in the dry, wet and snow while acheiving lower CO2 emmissions and improved fuel economy.

performance truck tires
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