Scientific Program

The format of this Workshop will involve plenary talks, sessions with contributed talks and posters and the aim of the workshop is to provide a forum with interesting discussions and debates.

Workshop Topics

The 6th Workshop on Statistics, Mathematics and Computation and the 3rd Portuguese-Polish Workshop on Biometry main objective is to welcome papers, both theoretical or practical, presenting new techniques and methodologies in the broad areas of Statistics, Mathematics and Computation, and biometrical applications. The use of recent advances in different fields will be promoted such as for example, new computational and statistical methods, data mining and bioinformatics.

Particular attention will be given to interesting applications in fields like medicine, biology, biotechnology, environment sciences, education sciences, finance, insurance, management and administration, human resources.

Methodological approaches

Analysis of complex data (incomplete, censored, missing, spatio-temporal, imprecise, fuzzy,...),
Applied Statistics,
Bayesian Theory and Methods,
Biostatistical Design,
Classification and Documentation,
Data and Text Mining,
Differential and Integral Equations and their Applications,
Discriminant and Regression Analysis,
Distributions Theory,
Estimation Theory,
Experimental Design,
Graph Theory,
Graphical models and Bayesian networks,
Internet Traffic Data Analysis,
Mathematical Biology,
Mixture model and Probabilistic approach to Clustering,
Multidimensional Scaling and Multi-way Data Analysis,
Multivariate Statistical Methods and Data Analysis,
Nonparametric Statistics,
Probability and Stochastic Processes,
Reliability and survival analysis,
Sensory Analysis,
Statistical inference,
Statistical Modeling,
Survival Models,
Time Series Analysis.

  ... Other themes


Final Program
Workshop EMC,
28 Jun 2012, 17:20