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Dsl And Wireless Routers

dsl and wireless routers
    wireless routers
  • (Wireless Router) A networking device that is a combination of an access point and a router.  These devices are usually used in private homes where client PCs can be anywhere in the house (and thus use WiFi to connect), and the network is a broadband connection provided by an ISP.
  • (Wireless Router) A specific type of router that is often found in home networks.
  • (Wireless router) A wireless router is a device that performs the functions of a router but also includes the functions of a wireless access point. It is commonly used to allow access to the Internet or a computer network without the need for a cabled connection.
  • Deep scattering layer
  • Digital subscriber line
  • digital subscriber line: a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds
  • A method for moving data over regular phone lines. A DSL circuit is much faster than a regular phone connection, and the wires coming into the subscriber's premises are the same (copper) wires used for regular phone service.
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a family of technologies that provides digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network. DSL originally stood for digital subscriber loop.

Wireless Router, $20
Wireless Router, $20
Wireless Router, $20. Can be used to route a high-speed connection (DSL or Cable). This is not a modem, only a router - basically turns your connection into a wireless network. Comes with installation software. NOTE: Software does not work with Windows Vista.
My SSIDs for my DWL-3200AP wireless access point and WRT54GL wireless router. I have two different internet connections. I guess the Star Trek refrences are kind of geeky.

dsl and wireless routers
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