Blue toile baby bedding. Pink and chocolate baby shower decorations. Having a baby music

Blue Toile Baby Bedding

blue toile baby bedding
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27 weeks now. 10 weeks to go for us until my scheduled delivery sometime in April. The true biologically-induced frantic nesting instinct has not yet quite begun, but my little girl's nursery is coming along now. We are using the same blue and yellow moon and stars and clouds bedding that Q had, but I am adding some rabbit toile pieces and a cushy new blue gingham chair and ottoman for nursing. Her crib is all ready for her, and I am stockpiling the cutest clothes and linens I can find. All of this preparation has helped move me forward and helped to make her more real to me as I fold and put away her tiny clothes and shoes. (But YES, as Rachel said, it has all felt like a huge gamble and a constant one step forward, two steps back dance with fate and time and chance.) I wish it could be a more carefree time but alas, though she moves and kicks inside me all day every day, the loss of her twin has taken so much of the joy out of the equation. I really just hope that seeing her, holding her, having her brings all of it full circle so that I can truly experience the kind of happiness that a mother would hope for upon the birth of her child.
Toile - peinture- painting
Toile - peinture- painting
Toile que j'ai fait la journee de Noel. Painting done on Christmas day.

blue toile baby bedding
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