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Four Centuries of African American Soldiers

4 Centuries

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Dear Supporter,

For the past 9 years in commemoration of Black History month, the 6th Regiment United States Colored Troops Reenactors Inc., has presented a program recognizing the historic military contributions of African Americans. This year the event will be held on Feb 29th and Mar 1st hosted by Trenton's The Old Barracks Museum.  This vivid living history program tells the heroic stories of America's black warriors spanning four hundred years until today. The program includes authentic military artifacts, lectures by authors of military history books, fully equipped re-enactors and military veterans sharing their own personal stories. This is a rich, engaging and fascinating program that pays tribute to the contributions of African ­American Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen to the military history of the United States. The education embodied in this this type of program is an extremely valuable source of information that enriches the appreciation for the military history that exists within the entire community.

Because Four Centuries of African American Soldiers is a two day program that is presented at a minimal cost to the public, we depend on our sponsors to meet the expenses of this high quality program. If you agree that this type of program is important, you can help us in a direct way. Please consider being one of our sponsors or purchasing an advertisement in our souvenir journal. This is a worthy program that deserves your support.

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Very truly yours,

1st Sgt. Algernon Ward Jr.– President,