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ACCENTS (on a desktop or laptop)

Alt + 160      a with an accent


Alt + 130      e with an accent


Alt + 161      i with an accent


Alt + 162      o with an accent


Alt + 163      u with an accent


Alt + 164      ñ


Alt + 173      ! upside down


Alt + 168      ? upside down


To set up the lap top, do the following


Set Num Lock – key with lock. Press Fn (function key)  and Alt (key) and number at the same time for letter.

Beginner Spanish
How to ask your teacher permission to go to the restroom.  Funny.

Georgia Performance Standards

Voki character: 

 Mexican Independence Celebration (Please copy and paste address)

 Quia is a great resource for practicing Spanish.

Country Reports

Culture Grams


Prezi (seasons)  

Foreign Language Association of Georgia

As a member of Flag, the Foreign Language Association of Georgia, I promote the instruction of World Languages.  Please check out the following website for further information concerning FLAG.


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