Mr. Kerr's Assignments

Monday May 14, 2012
Social Studies  . The Roman Empire  in class work
Language Arts   NO HW
Literature        Reading Stepping on the Cracks, in class. Work being done in class or it becomes HW.
                         .   .
Tuesday May 15, 2012
Social Studies     The Roman Empire  in class work!
Language Arts           
Literature         Reading the novel Stepping on the Cracks. Work must be completed by thursday5/17/12  due to 24 hour run on Friday  
Wednesday  May 16, 2012
Social Studies    .   Roman Empire work done in Class
Language Arts                                            
Literature       Reading the novel Stepping on the Cracks.All  Work must be turned in to be graded today due to 24 hour run on Friday. 
Thursday  May 17, 2012
Social Studies    .  Roman Empire work done in class
Language Arts                       
 Literature                Reading the novel Stepping on the Cracks all work must be turned in Friday even if your in the 24 hour run, it is due                                     Friday 5/17/12                                  
Friday  May 18, 2012
Social Studies    .
 Language Arts       
 Literature             .All Work for stepping on the Crachs is due today know late work will be excepted after today