Online credit card payment

The online payment is a two step process.

In step 1 you register your email on a webpage, and obtain a password by email.

In step 2 you should follow a link to pay the fee. During this process at some point you should  "login" using the 
email/password obtained in Step 1. 

Step 1: 

Step 2:  

At this point you should have a password you obtained in Step 1 by email.

To pay the registration fee follow the appropriate link below.
During the process you should "login" using your email/password you obtained in Step 1.  

Follow this link to pay the registration fee before April 30, 2017

Follow this link to pay the registration fee after April 30, 2017

Online payment by credit card is administered by an intermediate bank (OTP Bank), and transaction will be processed on their page, thus it is absolutely secure. Unfortunately the intermediate bank accepts only forint transfers, so the registration fee is determined in forints, and it also contains the service fee.