BLOWOUT 12 will happen on the weekend 18-19 March 2017


hey guys
(slovenska verzia dole)
we are sending out quick info

10th edition of Blowout WILL HAPPEN!!!
unfortunately so far we do not have the date 
(we are waiting for field hockey season calendar)

we aim for 28-29 march alternatively  22-23 march 

we will know more on 13th of february
fees will remain pretty much the same

sorry for couple boring swings instead of frantic hucking!
we will get to that soon

please stay tuned

blowout wants you and need you!!!!!

frisbee fact: Blowout hosted 40 teams in the past 3 years!

ZZZzzz U coooon

thanks for your patience

MENTAL DISCORDERS /// Blowout crew

posielame rychle info ohladom blwt

turnaj urcite bude len cakame na potvrdenie datumov
28-29.3.2015 alebo 22-23.9.2015
mali by sme dostat vyjadrenie po 13.2.2015

viac napiseme neskor
poplatky ostavaju nezmeneme

dakujeme za trpezlivost a par nudnych swingov ale dockame sa aj hucku

blowout ta chce a potrebuje !

frisbee fakt: blowout hostil za posledne tri roky 40 timov!!!



we love inside scoops:
Bambi is planning Blowout to be 'The Tournament' in this spring season. It is because the level of Blowout is exactly what the team needs and we have enough players for 5-on-5 only. Blowout 7 was one for our best remembered tournaments. The spirit was awesome, the teams were strong and we played extremely well (we finished second) and the organization was superb. Now we misjudged the number of registrating teams and woke up a bit late. We still hope we can get in and play against the best womens' teams of Central Europe!


registration  #Blowout9 opened! 11 open teams and 3 womens team 
already gave us trust! we ll give back the FUN! thank you

follow on twitter #Blowout9


Come to Blowout, Visit Bratislava!

Happy New Year 2014!!!
Blowout 9 will happen! we  are just about to seal the deal date 15th/16th march
planned divisions OPEN WOMEN JUNIORS 

Weather - it is snowy in Bratislava, not heavy, but still... should be gone by Friday. Weekend looks sunny/cloudy, no snow, but chilly - will keep you posted

HOT TEA and COFFEE will be there for you for free all day!
HOT GOULASH - very cheap served for lunch! 


Junior div cancelled :(  But Juniors are coming just with their home teams :)

Open and Women going strong! - 16 Open and 8 Women teams! Tournament full! YEY!

17 open teams 3 juniors 8 women teams,!

OPEN DIVISION 16 teams!!! thanks


last 5 spots in OPEN DIV

ONE MILLION THROWS project will be shortly introduced on saturday

Date of Blowout 8.8 confirmed 16-17th of march

registration via  opens 27th of January and closes on 28th of February


ďakujeme za skvelý turnaj...aj keď Blowout zrejme prvýkrát nedostál svojmu menu, čo mňa osobne trošku sklamalo, lebo som sa na to celkom tešil, keďže to bola moja blowoutová premiéra. ale počasiu zatiaľ šéfuje Niekto iný, takže ešte raz vďaka za skvelý víkend :)

Zničující víkend :o) Blowout - spousta slunce (byl to vůbec Blowout?), VM women 3. místo, cena Spirit of the Game (výborný dort), cena za nejrychlejší sprinterku turnaje (nostalgické vzpomínky na atletické časy), chycení nějaké blbé nemoci a pravé rameno fakt na prd. Takže vyležet nemoc a naučit se házet levou :/

Blowout 7 is over. Thank you everyone for coming. 
see results 2012. SOTG results, pics and videos will come little later.

thanks to  we will be serving delicious goulash during saturday bring your plates/discs (start 15:00)

Everyone start getting ready. It looks like the weather will be awesome. No snow on Saturday :(


Blowout 7 opens online registration via 

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