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Another weekend begins! Lately I have been in a pretty good mood. I've started a Facebook and have been able to communicate with friends from school. I'm also in the hunt for Guitar Hero III for Wii right now, but Best Buy hasn't gotten any lately. Oh well, I'll just have to wait it out. Then again, I'd like to get it soon, as Super Smash Bros. Brawl comes out in a few weeks! Can't wait for that! 

I think I'll go play my new Cort bass or my guitar on my new Kustom half stack now. 

Until Next Time,

~Uncle Cornbugs


Well, hello again, mystery-person-who-has-somehow-stumbled-upon-this-dumb-website. I haven't updated this in awhile. So, here's what's been going on!

Aah, Winter Break! Not only does this mean no school and being super lazy & fat all the time, it also means Christmas is coming! On my list is just a few things that are actually quite expensive.

-Cort Artisan Series B4 bass 

-Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

-Elite Beat Agents (possibly)

-Enough money for Guitar Hero III for Wii (I'm only about $10 away, actually)

Yes, the bass is very expensive, clocking in at around $575, but my family has approved of it as a possible gift! Even more so than completely cool presents, I get to spend time with family and eat Christmas Ham! No school, presuhnts, sleeping in, being lazy; it's all good on Winter Break!

Also, some may recall me slaving over the possibility of getting a new phone. Well, I'm happy to say I actually did, about two months ago, get my very own Virgin Mobile Slice phone! It's very cool, but for some reason likes to run things slowly after one ringtone and graphic have been downloaded. Oh well, I still have a phone!

My music tastes have been, for the most part, the same, but just about a month ago I was caught in a trance by not only Buckethead but also Primus. I still love listening to their stuff, just not so frequently anymore. I've gotten really into bass by now, and play bass for pep band at my new school, which is awesome, seeing as I get to jam with a sweet blues guitarist and an amazing virtuoso drummer (who also plays guitar, piano, and bass incredibly well!)

Well, I guess this about wraps up my time here. I'm off to be so lazy I don't even want to eat until I force myself out of this computer chair.

Until Next Time,

 ~Mr. Melee/Brawl/TotakekeMelee/[Uncle] Cornbugs/Sir Rice


Well, I never did get that cell phone. I don't need it quite yet. Instead, I picked up Super Paper Mario, Dragonforce's "Inhuman Rampage," and a camera bag for my dad for Father's Day. 

Right now, I am obsessed with Buckethead. I just have to know more about him, and learn his stuff! I got his album "Enter the Chicken" coming through right now, and it should be here Friday, Saturday, or Monday. I can't wait! [ |-D

It's about time for sleep (12:52 AM.) I need to rest so I can get back to Wii and the computer tomorrow when it's less HOT. TOO HOT HERE.

Until Next Time,

~ Mr. Melee 


(Finally, here's "whenever!")

Finally school's out!!! I feel so relaxed. No more work for two months...except for tomorrow, where I start mowing the lawn :/ . My lawn is HUGE, so it takes a good hour to mow each yard (front and back.) However, that same night, I'm heading down to the racetrack to see the Super Modified engine class cars (a special event.) Then, on Saturday, I get to pick up my new phone! It's a Virgin Mobile Slice, and I'm getting a pay-as-you-go deal. Plus, texts are only $0.05 each, so I'll be having fun with that (even if my phone doesn't have a camera or folds; it does have Internet built in, though.) I will also be picking up Dragonforce's newest album, which has Operation Groudn and Pound. I just can't wait until Saturday! 

Well, as it nears midnight, I'm going to finish the day with some MPH and some thinking about how I shall accomplish mowing the lawn tomorrow.

Until Next Time,

~Mr. Melee


Well, I guess not "until tomorrow." Anyways, I'm still very happy. I finished my Social Studies World War II timeline (3/4 of projects completed) and the rough draft of my persuasive essay yesterday. Because I've gotten all of these projects done, I am now unofficially "walking on cake" for the rest of the school year. I also can't wait until our school's version of American Idol, where my friend--who is a great singer that actually placed 4th in our town's version of American Idol--and I, with my guitar playing, are guaranteed to win. Well, tomorrow I've got IOWA testing, but it's not so bad. I even get out of school early. Well, I guess that's it for today. 

Until whenever,

~Mr. Melee


I can't believe it! I actually finished all of my projects due tomorrow (which is 11 minutes away from now!!!) Now I'm off to celebrate by getting 5 1/2 hours of sleep before waking up at 5:20 A.M. to get on the bus to school. Hooray for me!! :D

Until tomorrow,

~Mr. Melee


Well, this begins my personal blog. So, what's going on in Mr. Melee's world...well, a lot, actually. The school year's slowly coming to a close, which means projects galore. I'm swamped. I have to finish an Algebra project tomorrow and START a Science project that are both due Tuesday the 15th. I'm very stressed out, and I don't know how I'm going to get done. However, I just know I'm going to find a way (like I always do.) 

In other short news, I've evolved into a two-star Super Hunter in Metroid Prime Hunters. I've also just recently gotten another YouTube video of my guitar playing up. I plan on getting another up for a belated Mother's Day present for my mom (it'll be Mother by Pink Floyd.) Well, that's all for now. Later, those who happen to stumble upon this site.

~Mr. Melee