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This is our English web page!
Here you can find different links to learn English! Let's practice!!

Useful links______________________________________________________________________________

Here you are the DICTIONARY on-line. Click on it!
*How do you say "..." in English?
*What's the meaning of "..."?

Enter the "word" you don't know and choose: English-Spanih or Spanish-English


MACMILLAN Activities on-line_______________________________________________________________

Click here for the activities on-line.       ----REMEMBER: You need your Username and your Password----

Grammar exercises_________________________________________________________________________

You can do some grammar exercises (verb TO BE, There's/there're, personal pronouns...). Click here!


If you want to read some information about Halloween celebrations, click here.
You can print some pictures if you want from this web page! And also you can find: games, decorations... and recipes for Halloween!!

Our Solar System____________________________________________________________________________ 

                         You can find lot of new information about the Solar System here!
You can also play GAMESDO ACTIVITIES and EXPLORE !!
                        The Planets discuss Pluto's ejection from the exclusive Planetary Club.
This video coincides with the release of the book Origins of the Universe For Dummies.

Word of the week___________________________________________________________________________

Do you find it easy to learn new vocabulary in English? Word of the week is a great way to learn new words.
Every week there's a new video showing children in the UK using the word.