The Sixth Man Exec Board

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Club President, John Papp CBA '08

Post-Season Thanks
Hey Sixth Man Faithful,

The time has come to introduce you to the new 2008-09 Sixth Man Club Executive Board. John Korevec '10 is my successor as Club President. Korevec has been an excellent supporter of the program and will make an excellent President. Andrew Dellaripa '10 is the Vice President. Andrew Mastanduono '09 is the Club Treasurer. Andy Keith '09 and Brian Downey '09 round out the rest of the Sixth Man Club Executive Board.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped make the Sixth Man Club the success it is today. You guys and girls are what make the Club so special and are the reason it is the most exciting club on campus. It has been a true blessing to be a part of the Sixth Man Club the past four years. I will miss it dearly. That being said, the fresh leadership is exactly what is needed to take the Sixth Man Club to the next level. I urge you to continue to support the Club as much as possible. The new leaders are passionate about Fordham and Fordham Basketball so show them your utmost respect and dedication. The Sixth Man Club has proven that YOU CAN make a profound difference in enhancing our school spirit, don't be afraid to take on that challenge. We are Fordham!

Go Rams!
John Papp
Outgoing Sixth Man Club President