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Mr Heater Filter

mr heater filter
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[90/365] Dead, Mr. Bunny, Dead
[90/365] Dead, Mr. Bunny, Dead
theme song: when we were young - Sneaky Sound System ~ drawing info: well yeah! i had a bright idea of making a one page comic thing 10:30pm last night and drew! i drew a forest scene with a lake (will be uploaded one time) and this! this story is about a girl...who hates Mr. Bunny because Mr. Bunny won't go away. and yeah! basically that! this is one of my most successful efforts on this comic style story board thing n.n hope you all like it! ~ today: - IS COLD! and that is why i scanned this drawing...because its too dark...and the light inside is WAY too bright for a good picture from the camera - nts; homework is on Claptop - my sister didn't even start on her assignment to build a terrarium yet! AND IT WAS DUE LAST WEEK! DOUCHE BAG! - photography class was epic...well aside from the fact that we had to play with the filters.... I ALREADY KNOW THAT STUFF MISS! it was kind of annoying, really. plus i didn't feel...right...editing other images by other people :( - i dislike heaters - Pet society isn't loading :( - my hair is still being a major b**** -_- - nts; Fridays are arrresting nights...on channel 10 ;) - start on science study notes and math study THIS WEEKEND - GUESS WHO GOT AN EXTENSIVE ON THEIR ENGLISH SHORT STORY EXAM?! :D apparently i use really strong descriptive words xD wow! and to say i don't realy read books! TAKE THAT! - i need to relearn how to draw stuff >< - POLYVORE AFTER PET SOCIETY ~ QUOTED " yeah you caught me staring at you staring at me" ~
A 49mm close-up filter photographed using a Russian three-way prismatic filter filtted to the camera. Real filters from the days of chemical film rather than photoshop manipulation!

mr heater filter
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