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Rustic Dining Room Tables

rustic dining room tables
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rustic dining room tables - Rustic Natural
Rustic Natural Cedar Harvest Family Dining Room Table
Rustic Natural Cedar Harvest Family Dining Room Table
Our rugged log style Harvest table seats six comfortably. The strong, straight lines of the cedar spindles are a subtle nod to the Mission style of furniture popularized in the 1900s. Sanded to an ultra-smooth finish and vertually maintenance-free, the table and matching chairs may be purchased as sets or individually. Made from Northern White Cedar logs, Our Harvest Dining Table is a great rustic addition to any dining area indoors or outdoors and is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage.

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California Bay Laurel Dining Table
California Bay Laurel Dining Table
Formal Dining Room Table 5 feet In length with 9 inch extensions at each end and hand carved rustic legs. Seats 8 comfortably. Private Collection
holiday table
holiday table
a display, imagined, made just prior to the holidays. happy new year everyone!

rustic dining room tables
rustic dining room tables
Natural Cedar Furniture Company Dining Furniture. This smooth-sanded, unfinished furniture is made of northern white cedar, known for its creamy color, enduring strength, sharp looks and low maintenance. Plus, cedar is naturally resistant to decay, insects and water damage, and will not shrink or warp. The color will age gracefully to a silvery gray. Or, can be stained to match any decor. Note: Log furniture has a natural checking process that may occur on the surface. It's a natural result of wood seasoning. It does not affect the structural performance of wood. Minor assembly required. Order today! 68 x 14 x 17 1/2"h., 25 lbs. AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Natural Cedar Furniture Company Cedar Log Solid Top Dining Table - word search in our store for 'Natural Cedar Furniture Company'. Natural Cedar Furniture Company Cedar Log Dining Bench