Antique Breakfast Tables : Half Round End Table : Amish Round Dining Table.

Antique Breakfast Tables

antique breakfast tables
  • Have this meal
  • the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)
  • eat an early morning meal; "We breakfast at seven"
  • provide breakfast for
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antique breakfast tables - Natural Finished
Natural Finished Breakfast Bar Set - 3 Piece (All Natural Finish) (36"H x 36"W x 20"D)
Natural Finished Breakfast Bar Set - 3 Piece (All Natural Finish) (36"H x 36"W x 20"D)
A perfect place to have a seat and enjoy a delicious meal, this superb Mission Style Breakfast Bar is a cut above! Featuring two matching 24" counter height backless stools, this country style delight is sure to blend with your classic decor! Feel free to space-save and store the stools right under the bar when not in use -- cut the clutter and maximize the classic Mission look of this terrific set. Solid, sturdy craftsmanship awash in a delightful finish, the breakfast bar is a quality addition to any home -- make it yours! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Moderate.

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morning reflections ...
morning reflections ...
word of warning: don't touch, talk to, or even look at me until i've had a few sips of my morning coffee. even my 2-year old knows this. ::sigh:: sitting at the breakfast table with my morning coffee and moleskine as the morning light streams into our sliding glass doors ... it makes me happy just thinking about it. i take mine with cream & sugar :: enough to make it a nice caramel color. how do you take yours? i'll have it waiting for you ...
Paco on table3 10-15-05
Paco on table3 10-15-05
This is our ancient rescued (abused) miniature yorkie sitting on our breakfast table. I was just kidding around since my duaghter was over and put the dog on the table! That is...until she reminded me that it was the part of the table at which I usually sit.

antique breakfast tables
antique breakfast tables
Folding Wood Lap Desk (Antique Walnut) (8.95"H x 22.87"W x 13.78"D)
Get versatility with the Folding Wood Lap Desk. The lap desk comes with legs that can be folded up into the desk. The drawer measures 6.3" x 5.47 x 1.10, ideal for holding pens, pencils or scissors. The top can be flipped up so you can adjust it depending on use. Perfect for using as a laptop lap desk since it keeps your laptop from heating up in your lap. Use in bed, by the pool or hanging out on the couch. Made of solid and composite wood with an antique walnut finish. Larger desktop section measures: 13.96"W x 13.78"D, and smaller desk top section measures 7.73"W x 13.78"D. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.