Music Quiz

2016 - 2017 Music Quiz League Standings
Welcome Everyone,
                                please join Lee and Jonah, your hosts, at 8:00 pm on the second Saturday of every month at the Club for the Music Quiz.
                               Teams consist of 8 players, but can have less or even more. One point per player will be added or deducted accordingly.The team that wins the most points on the night will receive 10 points. The second team will get 8 points and so on till the 5th placed team , who will get 2 points. All other teams competing that night will get 1 point each.
                                It only costs $2 per player. This includes free pizza and a 50/50 draw.
                                There are cash prizes at the end of the each month and for the top team at the end of the season.
                                 So come on out and join us and hear some great music from the 60's to the present day.

Thank You
Lee, Barb and Jonah

Music quiz table