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Orange Bicycle Helmet

orange bicycle helmet
    orange bicycle
  • Orange Bicycle were an English Pop-Band which existed from 1967 – 1971. The band played a style influenced by The Beach Boys, The Beatles and the Hippie-culture, as well as by other groups like The Rolling Stones. They also acted as support and backing band for the duo Paul and Barry Ryan.
  • (Orange (bicycles)) Orange is a bicycle manufacturer, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK. Orange produce a wide range of mountain bikes, ranging from the full-suspension downhill 224 to the steel hardtail P7. Orange's original hardtail was the Clockwork, named after the film.
  • A predatory mollusk with a squat heavy shell, living in tropical and temperate seas and preying chiefly on sea urchins
  • (helmeted) equipped with or wearing a helmet
  • A hard or padded protective hat, various types of which are worn by soldiers, police officers, firefighters, motorcyclists, athletes, and others
  • The arched upper part (galea) of the corolla in some flowers, esp. those of the mint and orchid families
  • armor plate that protects the head
  • a protective headgear made of hard material to resist blows
orange bicycle helmet - Dora Hardshell
Dora Hardshell Bicycle Helmet and Protective Pad Value Pack (Toddler)
Dora Hardshell Bicycle Helmet and Protective Pad Value Pack (Toddler)
Featuring the heroine of the popular cartoon Dora the Explorer, character Dora rides atop a durable hard shell design, this helmet is sure to make children love to ride safely and with the most delightful fit possible. Lifetime collision replacement warranty, guaranteeing a replacement of the helmet in the advent of an accident is available along with a limited ninety day replacement warranty available for manufacture defects. PTI Sports helmets are designed with safety as the first and foremost concern and are constructed of high quality impact absorbing foam to prevent degradation of its collision protection. Thoroughly tested under CPSC standards, our helmets last over five years of use before they are recommended for replacement, ensuring safe cycling for years to come.

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Andy Tiemann on the way to Orange Race
Andy Tiemann on the way to Orange Race
Andy is wearing one of the jerseys he acquired when stationed with the Army in Frankfurt Germany. While most GI's were spending their free time getting drunk and the like, Andy was participating in group tours put on by the local cycling clubs and learning German. He was in great shape when he got home and was a force to contend with in our club events. Taken somewhere on State Rd. in Delaware County Ohio (Tri-X, Olympus XA-2 by Doug Siple) in the mid 1980's.
one more superhero
one more superhero
it's bicycle repair-woman! cyclovia is sydney street, normally a pretty busy trafficy street, shut down for part of a day. not so many festivities, just everyday life. with a few exceptions. louisa was the superhero bike-fixer. her'n'val'n'whoever else helped out wound up being pretty popular.

orange bicycle helmet