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 From a young lad in India, aged 2 to a young lad at the RAH, aged 69 years, 11 months and 30 days.




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A brief history of the man who loves Rock and Roll and became the first real Rock and Roll singer in the U.K.

Harry Rodger Webb was born the first child of Dorothy Marie Webb and Rodger Webb  in Kings English Hospital , Victoria Street,  Lucknow, Inida, weighing 9 lbs on 14th October 1940.  His parent names were Rodger and Dorothy Webb, who lived in Dehra Dun,  but because there were no hospitals there Dorothy had to travel  300 miles to Lucknow.    Due to the unrest they left their home in Howrah on 21st August 1948 by train to Bombay and boarded the Ranchi.  The boat  started its journey on the 24th August through the Arabian Sea , docked at Aden on the 29th and then sailed through the Red Sea towards the Suez canal.  It docked at Port Said on 2nd September and then sailed across the Mediterranean to arrive at Tilbury Docks on Monday 13th September 1948.



It all started at the.  A singer was at the front of his band The Drifters, dressed in white shirt and black trousers.    John Foster was in the Five Horseshoes, Burford Street, Hoddesdon drinking with his mates at the bar.  He watches the singer and is impressed, he walks over and gives them his phone number and promises a spot for them at the 2 I's Coffee Bar which was the place to be, that Saturday.

 A young girl by the name of Jan Vane approached Cliff at the 2 I's and asked him if he had a fan club, he laughed and said no.  The Cliff Richard Fan Club was started.

 Cliff plays Ripley Ballroom



Cliff has to have his hair curled with curling tongs to play Curly in the film Serious Charge.

It is rated X certificate which means fans under 16 years of age are unable to see it.  Living Doll is taken from the film and re-arranged by Bruce Welch to make it more country.  It is the first No. 1

Marty Wilde comments that they aren't rivals and they have one thing in common - Chinese food.

Cliff buys a Sunbeam after passing his driving test.

Cliff bought Hank a Stratocaster

Military are called in to help Glasgow police control Cliff crowds.

Cliff is presented with a silver disc for Living Doll by Bruce Forsyth



Cliff Quotes - Marriage is my ultimate aim, but not until I am 27

I think teenagers are great, but I am one of them

Expresso Bongo was released

I would like to make a western with Elvis and would pick Sandra Dee as the actress to play against him, she's fab.



USA tour.

Elvis mentioned 3 singers he liked before going in the army and one was Cliff.

Six and a half thousand people pack Blackpool's Opera House and several hundred fans smash down a door to get to Cliff.

Cliff buys a Ford Thunderbird.

Cliff sings the Ding Dongs in Cherry Wainers song Happy Like a Bell.

Comedian Charlie Drake and singer Cliff stir gigantic pudding with the large wooden spoons,  



Cliff tours South Africa -In the greatest scenes of mass hysteria that Cliff had produced to date, 3,000 screaming fans greeted him and the Shadows at the airport.  The hysteria didn't stop at the airport as fans lined the route from the airport to the hotel and it was estimated 10,000 fans were waiting in front of the hotel, chanting "We want Cliff". 

Cliff is unaware of the apartheid situation so offers to do a second concert for Black citizens with the proceeds going to Salisbury Society for Handicapped Africans.

A Cliff Richard shirt is designed for a mail order firm in black and white. Price 32s/6d

Cliff's Dad dies, aged 57

The Young Ones was classed as best musical Britain has ever made and the single goes straight to No. 1 



Cliff buys a Hillman Automatic for his mother  

Cliff suffers with laryngitis and is offered medicine



Cliff buys a Chevrolet for his mom.

Cliff and Shads send autographed Easter eggs to fans in hospital

Cliff attends a bull fight in Spain.  He states he wasn’t impressed and wouldn't go to another.

A fan writes a report in the paper to say that Cliff fans should pull their socks up and not let Britain's King of Talent be beaten by a flash in the pan group like the Beatles.

Cliff wins American poll honour, as most promising singer

The ABC Theatre in Church Street Blackpool opened on 31st May 1963 with the summer season stage show "Holiday Carnival" starring Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

Summer Holiday released



Cliff appears in Aladdin Pantomime with The Shadows

Wonderful Life was Cliff's third film

Cliff buys a holiday home in Portugal 



When Cliff is interviewed by the press, they suggest he may retire to his holiday home in Portugal. 


Cliff quotes

The truth is sooner or later I do hope to retire from the business, let's face it, that's the ultimate ambition of most entertainers.  We can't go on forever and the time must come when we have to quit.  I would rather leave while I am at the top than wait for the public to turn its back on me.

I never eat breakfast or lunch, occasionally, I may have cheese and biscuits, as I have to look after my figure.

I would like to get married eventually, I have had a couple of false alarms.

I arrange my work to have weekends free for youth activities.  All my friends are teachers.


Cliff received NME trophy for being voted Top British Singer for the sixth time.

Cliff goes on holiday to Norfolk Broads with the Young Crusaders

Cliff voted top British singer for the eighth time.

Cliff takes O level in Religious Instruction in Lewes in Sussex.  He is put in a room on his own and five masters of the school took turns to watch he doesn’t cheat.  He comments, imagine cheating in a R.I. exam.



Cliff goes on holiday to Cornwall with the Crusaders then to his villa in Portugal. 

Cliff Richard Ltd is formed

Finders Keepers is recorded at Pinewood Studios.  The film was shot on the south coast and the studios.  Doubles were used for the shots in Spain which included some of the far distance opening shots on the train.

Cliff’s mother Dorothy marries former Chauffeur, Derek Bodkin.  Cliff didn’t know until the morning of the wedding.

Cliff performs at a Billy Graham Convention.

Cliff’s fan club closes.

Cliff sells Rookswood for £43,500 and moves in with Bill Latham and his mother.

Cliff states he would like to film Wuthering Heights.

Thurderbirds are Go EP is released containing three Shadows Tracks and a vocal from Cliff.  Puppet figures appear of Cliff and the Shadows in the film.  The plot is as follows -

That night, Alan dreams about Lady Penelope. Eew, puppet dreams! Alan dreams that he goes to the "real" Swinging Star, a nightclub in space. Entertainment is provided by Cliff Richard Jr.   The song Cliff sings harks back to a more innocent time, back when pop music was wholesome and singers expressed only respect and love:


A shooting star will shoot you

Mars will go to war

The man on the moon will jump on you

If you don't love me no more



Cliff quotes

I would like to take up teaching as I have to think ahead, because I can't expect to remain a star for the rest of his life.  If I do retire it will be in the region of five years time.

Cliff plays Buttons in Cinderella  with The Shadows as Broker's Men, Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd as Ugly Sisters, Peter Gilmore as The Prince, Tudor Davies as Dandini, Jack Douglas as Baron Hardup, Pippa Steele as Cinderella and speciality act The Adorable Tanya - a baby elephant.  Sharon Osbourne (Arden) is part of the Aida Foster Children for this production.



Cliff quotes -

 I want to get out of the business, because I feel I have to.  I want to be an ordinary teacher in an ordinary school.  It wont' be a complete break, I’ll still be make records.  The reason I can't go on as I am, is the public get fed up with a pop singer talking about religion.



Cliff sings Congratulations and comes second in the Eurovision.  It is announced that 56 versions of Congratulations are to be released around the world and Cliff recorded the song for release in nearly every country in Europe.  Germany whose votes lost us the contest placed a 150,000 advance order.  It reaches the top of the charts in Holland, Denmark, Belgium Sweden and Norway.

Cliff plays Riley in Matter of Diamonds


 Two a Penny film opened in London in June 1968. Cliff played Jamie Hopkins, an art student and wants to make money quickly so begins to deal in drugs. Jamie and his girl friend Carol go to a Billy Graham revivalist meeting, and Carol is immediately converted. Soon after, Jamie is caught stealing drugs.  As Carol continues to draw away from Jamie, he begins to see the religious light, and they are reunited.

Cliff cuts a 650 lb Christmas pudding for the Mental Health Trust at London's Carlton Towers Hotel.

A letter is published in Disc and Music Echo stating that "having Seen Cliff Richard, I am convinced he's going to reach the class and status of Frank Sinatra".

Cliff comments on peoples changing attitude towards Christmas.

Cliff performs at the London Palladium in November, but it is reported that there was a weak supporting bill and therefore the audience figures were low.  Cliff stats it was a bad time of year as there is no money in November.

A reporter states that Cliff’s concerts with the Settlers, were boring, and that the Devil still has all the best songs.

Cliff reveals he will do a show called Cliff in Scotland and that he will wear a kilt.



Cliff sings with the Settlers at RAH in aid of the homeless refugees in Biafra.

Cliff takes part in a 12 minute colour film about the John Groom Childrens Home in Kent and sings a song called Thank you.

Cliff states that his first thrill in show business was when he was impersonated by Benny Hill.

Peter Kaye is praised by the press for his impersonation of Cliff on BBC TV

Cliff sings carols with the Crusaders and raises £20.00.

Cliff states he had a jacket made out of Black Watch tartan material.



The press comment - You never hear of Cliff being nasty to anyone, he never swears and has never forgotten his fans.  I'm sure he will still be with us in the 1980's

Cliff is described as mechanically charming, which upsets Cliff, he comments - Some people knock me for trying to be pleasant and friendly



Flying Machine, is Cliff's first single not to make the Top 30 but it tops the charts in Denmark and Malaysia.

Cliff receives the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Services to British Music



Cliff sings Power to all our Friends in Luxembourg.

Cliff appears in BBC series the Case, with Olivia Newton John and Tim Brooke-Taylor

Produced as a joint project between the BBC and the Swedish broadcasting authorities   It was a  comedy based around Cliff trying to get rid of a stolen suitcase of money which he inadvertantly picked up on his way to Sweden.

Olivia features for about 12 minutes with very little dialogue but performing three songs. She sings an otherwise unreleased duet with Cliff  - Close To You and two solos Just A Little Too Much and Banks of the Ohio.



Take my High is premiered. 

Cliff plays his first football match in 20 years for the Buzz Allstars 11 versus Collalera Christian Choir. 

Cliff appears as Bottom at Cheshunt School in Midsummer Nights Dream

Brand New Song is released but doesn't make the charts. 

Cliff's next song for the Eurovision, Power to all our Friends, is released and is his sixtieth song. 

He is asked if he could foresee another 60. Cliff quoted - 

I don't really think so, it takes a long time to make 60 records.  What I really want is a big hit, as I haven't had one for quite a few years, but some people seem to think I have because for some reason I get a lot of airplay.



Cliff embarks on a gospel tour.

Cliff only releases one single called You Keep Me Hangin On.



Its Only Me You Left Behind and Honky Tonk Angel are released.  Neither makes the charts.

Cliff is interviewed and asked why he had sung Honky Tonk Angel and he refused to sing it again.



Cliff records Miss You Nights and makes his first appearance in the single charts since July 1974, also released in the U.S.

Cliff visits America promoting I'm Nearly Famous LP as Devil Woman is played on San Franciscan radio stations and Devil Woman enters the Cashbox and Billboard charts reaching No. 6 in the Billboard Chart and No. 5 in the Cashbox chart to give Cliff his 3rd hit in the US.

Cliff complained about the language in the NME and it is reported that he refuses to have the NME in his house.

Cliff performs in Kalamandir Auditorium in New Delhi.  He visits Mother Theresa of Calcutta and the homes of the destitute and dying.

The Cliff Richard movement Tear Fund concert in 1976 raised over £37,000 providing a generator for a hospital in India and vehicles for many countries.

 Advert for Devil woman stated "Every DJ said Miss You Nights was Cliff Richard's best single for many years.  They'll say the same, and more about his new one.  Quite simply, it's probably the greatest rock single of 1976" 



Cliff quotes –It is the first generation of forty year olds who dig rock and roll and when I am sixty I am going to love rock, it will be our music. 



Cliff and the Shads reunite to play a two week 20th anniversary show at the London Palladium



A No. 1 for Cliff -

11 years and 124 days since he last tops the charts with Congratulations, Cliff gets a No. 1 with We Don't Talk Anymore, knocking down the Boomtown Rats with I don't like Mondays.

Cliff walks along the Mall to Buckingham Palace with 1000's of people singing carols accompanying himself on the guitar and performs on a specially constructed stage facing Buckingham Palace.  The Queen and Prince Charles join in the carols from the balcony of the Palace and later Cliff is received in the Royal residence after the celebrations which mark the end of the Year of the Child. 

Cliff sets the alarms off in a store where he had buys a shirt.  The assistant was so mesmerised at serving Cliff, she forgot to remove the anti-shoplifting device.    Cliff saw the funny side and commented that he was glad he wasn't buying a dress for Sue Barker, as he would have feared the comments of him walking out the shop with a dress.



Cliff receives his OBE IN 1980 - Dressed in black suit, red tie, red rose and bright red training shoes,



Cliff quotes -

 I haven't got any morning dress so I thought I would wear something colourful.  I have been to the palace before and I noticed that there is a lot of red about.  I have always been a firm Royalist and have followed the Royal Family since I was a child. 

Cliff is invited to Selfridge store to design his own shop window.  Cliff's window is on a traditional religious theme "Christmas through the eyes of a child".




Cliff tours America, his song Little in Love is  No. 17 in the charts and he performs on John Kelly in LA, John Davidson show, Dionne Warwick Solid Gold Show, Merv Griffin show, and continues onto Ontario and New York and flies on Concorde. 

Cliff sings with a choir of 400 girls to raise money for St Brendan's school, Clevedon, Bristol, the headmaster, John Davey had been Cliff's school teacher who helped him to pass his O level in R.I. in 1965.

Cliff embarks on a tour of US and Canada for a month  While playing in America Cliffs equipment goes missing from a tour truck worth £40,000



Cliff is interviewed by 8 Australian newspapers and 9 radio stations over a period of 14 hours. 

The Only way Out recorded



Cliff dines with Princess Anne and Tim Rice.

12th December is the start of Cliff's own pro-celebrity tennis tournament which is staged at the Conference Centre, Brighton.  Participating are Hank, Trevor Eve, Mike Read, Sue Barker, Sue Mappin, Jo Durie and Ann Hobbs.  The round robin tournament is won by Trevor and Anne.

Cliff celebrates 25 years and has six weeks of sell out concerts



Cliff and Bill Latham go to Haiti and visit a place called La Gonave. Cliff is upset by what he sees and writes a song called La Gonave about his experiences there.

Cliff discusses the musical Time with Dave Clark 



Cliff makes She's so Beautiful video in the Lake District

Cliff dines at the House of Commons

Cliff attend a Christians in Sport service and opens Addlestone District Health Centre in Surrey and opens a new X ray unit at Weybridge Hospital



Cliff takes dance lessons at Pineapple Studios and makes a film for Living Doll with the Young Ones.


Time opens at the Dominion Theatre with Cliff playing Chris Wilder "Rock Star"

The world premiere opened on 9th April and it ran for 2 years. Cliff was later replaced by David Cassidy.  An album was released in the UK and USA and the other artistes that appeared on the album were Freddie Mercury, Julian Lennon, Murray Head, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Richard Carpenter, Leo Sayer, Ashford and Simpson, Dusty Springfield, John Christie, John Helms, Mike Moran and Paul Milkes-Kingston.   The Dominion hosted the musical Time, which required reconstructing the theatre to accommodate the show's effects including a holographic floating head of Akash, played by Sir Laurence Olivier.  The production was derived from the musical The Time Lord and Cliff plays rock musician Chris Wilder who has been transported to the High Court of the Universe in the Andromeda Galaxy.  The Time Lord has come to earth to find out what the earth's people are doing in their quest for peace.  Chris Wilder has to defend the planet.

Sir Laurence Olivier released a spoken single Theme from Time and it reached No. 27 in the Australian charts.  

Cliff escapes a car crash.  He was involved in a five car motorway pile up in torrential rain.  His Golf GTI was a write-off as another car swerved and braked hard.  Cliff was helped from the wreckage and walked away unhurt but shaken.  The police called a mini-cab to take him to the theatre where he was appearing in Time and he continued with the show as normal.



Some People recorded 

Cliff Takes part in Its a Royal Knockout with Prince Edward, the Duchess of York and a host of other celebrities at Alton Towers.

The show featured members of the Royal Family alongside sporting and showbiz celebrities. It was conceived and organised by Prince Edward who had been keen to develop a career in TV and theatre after he left the Royal Marines. The show featured Prince Edward,  The Princess Royal, The Duke and Duchess of York as team captains, each of whom supported a different charity.   The contestants competed in ridiculous and somewhat humiliating games; for example in one round they dress up as giant vegetables and throw fake hams at each other.  The event raised over £1 million for the WWF, Save the Children, Shelter for the Homeless and the Duke of Edinburgh International Project. 



Mistletoe & Wine makes No. 1.

Bookies William Hill to lose £10,000 if Cliff Richard tops the Christmas charts with Mistletoe and Wine. 

A 47 date UK tour and 200,000 tickets sold out within 72 hours of going on sale



Cliff plays at Savvas Club in Usk, South Wales

Cliff records his 100th single The Best Of Me.




The biggest challenge for Cliff ever, was the Event at Wembley Stadium,  it was a make or break decision, the weather could be bad or he could have problems with his throat. 


The tickets went on sale for one night and sell out in a single weekend,  a second concert was arranged for the next night which also sold out. 144,000 tickets had been sold for the two nights.


The Dallas Boys and the Vernon Girls have reformed for the show and the Kalin Twins are scheduled to appear Their last appearance with Cliff was in 1958, when they were the stars of the show.


During the shows - 

·         14 cameras are used taking 41 miles of film,

·         To record the event over 60,000 feet of 48 track digital tape are used

·         120 technicians are involved with 1,510,000 watts of lighting and 2150,000 watts of sound are used. 

·         The stage is 400 ft long, 15 ft high and 150 ft deep. 

·         The weight suspended over the stage is approx 14 tons.

·         90 artists take part in the show

·         3,000 people are involved checking tickets, selling merchandise, controlling the crowds, filming and recording.

·         3,485 meals are served

·         Cliff sings forty-five songs and makes five costume changes

·         At the end of the show Cliff sings From a Distance and was so overcome he was in tears but managed to finish the song and left the stage in tears.   He was only a boy from Cheshunt.


Cliff reads lessons for the Wishing Well Appeal Thanksgiving Service at Westminster Abbey and attends Bill Graham conventions.  Billy lunches with Cliff at home.



Cliff & Shadows perform at Knebworth. Artists include Tears for Fears, Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Elton John, Paul McCartney and Robert Plant also appear which was in Aid of the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Clinic.

Cliff's 1990 tour is a record breaker.  28 dates, beginning with a record breaking 12 nights at Birmingham NEC in November.  Similar format to the Event.

Saviours Day video is shot at Durdle Dor in Dorset.  On the day of the filming there were posters advertising that Cliff was going to be filming for the video and stating that they wanted extras.  It was a warm September day and it was stated that they needed to be dressed in winter clothes.  The charity shops were raided for scarves and hats.    Cliff sung on the top of Durdle Dore and helicopters filmed him from above.   A No. 1 Written by Chris Eaton and produced by Cliff Richard and Paul Moessl, "Saviour's Day" was the 13th UK No. 1

Cliff reaches 50 and has party with friends at home, when midnight strikes he pronounces he doesn't feel any different.

Cliff switches on Oxford Street Christmas lights.



Cliff dines with Frank Dunlop to discuss Wuthering Heights

Cliff attends a reception at 10 Downing Street

Records song for the Trainer TV series More to Life, written by Simon May and Mike Read.  It reaches No. 21 on the charts.

Stated in paper -

Cliff has been acclaimed as a modern day Saint because he can get up and wiggle his bum in a devilish way and still be holy.



Sits for a model of himself at the Rock Circus 

Wins spectacle Wearer of the Year Award 

Flies to Uganda for Tear Fund and records a documentary 

Lunches at the House of Commons and stays for Question Time 

Commences on a tour called Access All Areas 

Celebrates the 10th Birthday of the tennis tournament at the NIA Birmingham with Michael Ball, Roy Castle and Frank Bruno among the guests.



Cliff performs on Michael Ball's show but is unable to play guitar because he has a broken bone in his left hand.

Records with Tammy Wynette This Love as part of Tammy's 25 years in showbusiness.  Tammy commented on recording with Cliff as a breathtaking experience stating Cliff has one of the best voices she has ever heard and includes the memory of that day as one of the highlights.

Cliff Richard's favourite Bible Stories is published, containing 42 stories selected by Cliff.

Ian Samwell presented with a platinum disc for sales of Move It at CR Fan Club convention in Torrence, California.



Cliff awarded Mens Head of the Year

Heathcliff box office opens

Cliff visits Haworth to visit the home of Emily Bronte and walks to Top Withens and the ruined farmhouse that is said to have inspired her.

Cliff drives to Portugal

Cliff performs for 250 people at the Byfleet village hall to raise money for the repairs to the local church.

The Hit List Tour commences



Cliff performs in the Royal Variety Show with ONJ and sings songs from Heathcliff.

Cliff became Sir Cliff when he received his knighthood

Cliff grows his hair and puts on weight to act the part of Heathcliff

Radio 2 ban Cliff's Misunderstood Man as they state the guitar section as being too noisy at the end of the track



It rains at Wimbledon and Cliff is asked to do an impromptu performance.  A quote follows by the media "The ageing popster’s rendition of ‘Singing in the Rain’, backed by an implausible choir of women tennis stars Virginia Wade, Martina Navratilova, Pam Shriver, Gigi Fernandez and Conchita Martinez, stunned sodden centre-court spectators".

Cliff talks in the Mail as to how he was bullied at school and used to have to fight day in and out with the bullies.

Cliff starts rehearsing for Heathcliff and hits Jimmy Johnston's nose, resulting in stitches in a fight scene.  Cliff said he enjoyed the scene, but it also frightened him that he was enjoying being violent.  



Heathcliff starts its run -

The show was a runaway success, and gave Cliff his highest selling video ever, topping the UK video charts for two months upon its 1998 release.

Cliff appears in Coronation Street

Cliff sings Abide with Me at the Cup final



40 Years in showbusiness and Cliff is feeling a little "WICKED" 

The Real album is recorded and "Can't Keep This Feeling in" is released by an unknown artist called Blacknight 001.    ................... 


Newspaper article -

Sir Cliff Richard this week has the perfect answer to Chris Evans and the other DJs who have condemned him as a wrinkly old has-been. His new single, Can't Keep This Feeling In, is number 10 in the charts, vying for position with Spacedust, Fatboy Slim and B'witched. The 58-year-old Richard has received satisfying proof that good pop music, like jazz, can be made by musicians of any vintage and that ageism is as absurd and self-defeating in the pop charts as anywhere else.

For years he had chafed against the refusal of cutting-edge radio stations to play his records, not for any lack of quality but simply because of his age, his bran-wholesome image and long-time involvement in evangelical Christianity.

Finally, he resorted to desperate measures - albeit possibly breaching St Paul's definition of perfect truth. As well as the regular single of Can't Keep This Feeling In, a heavily remixed rap version was released under the pseudonym Blacknight (the name of his new record label) and subtitled the Step Child mix after Step Child, the producer who did the electronic doctoring. Without Richard's halo around it, the track was instantly playlisted by youth-oriented stations all over the country, including some that had previously blacklisted him.

Hardcore rap and soul DJs, who would have committed hara-kiri on their turntables rather than play a Cliff Richard record, went overboard for Blacknight. Dirty Den at KLIMAXX FM predicted the supposed newcomer's debut single would "do big things on the urban scene". E-Ze at Juice 105 FM called it "wicked rap with a good feel". DJ Pugwash at Unique FM said it had "street flava" and Kurt Gee at Rebel FM hailed it as a "cool toon". The release of the same song in ordinary format proved that Richard did not have to resort to such subterfuges and that he did not need validation from Dirty Den and DJ Pugwash either.

Choice FM interview the unknown artist Blacknight and ask who he is, Cliff states -

I am Cliff Richard

Proving a point for Cliff, they stopped playing the record.


Opens Roy Castle Lung Cancer Centre in Liverpool sporting a new very short hairstyle.

Breaks records with the longest ever residence at Londons RAH.  He plays 32 dates.  90,000 tickets for 20 dates sell out in 36 hours so a further 12 are added.

Suffers with a chest infection and is advised not to release his single Vita Mia as the extra workload of promoting the single would affect his health.

Appears at Althrop for the Concert for Diana.


Sir Cliff Richard, who headlined the event, said -

"This is our first opportunity to pay tribute to a wonderful, compassionate woman. She struck a chord in all our hearts. I would like to think we have found a true icon and if we can keep it alive a lot of people will be helped by money raised in her name."

 The full line-up of stars taking part in the concert was as follows: Andrea Quinn, the BBC Concert Orchestra, the Chicken Shed Theatre Company, Chris de Burgh, David Hasselhoff, Edward Higginbottom, Jasper Carrott, Jimmy Ruffin, Julian Lloyd Webber, Lawrence Gowan, Lesley Garrett, the Lighthouse Family, Maxim Vengerov, Miriam Stockley, Peter Robinson, The Royal Academy of Music, Sir Cliff Richard, the College of New College, Oxford, the Soweto String Quartet, T'Pau, Vincenzo la Scola,

The Cliff Richard sweet pea is launched.

Later Cliff appears on Chris Evans Channel 4 show, TFI Friday -

During the interview Richard admitted that before appearing on the programme he had never seen it. Whether or not the ginger-haired maestro was annoyed by this sacrilege is not known. But last week on his Virgin Radio breakfast show, Evans announced that as the station's owner - as well as its chief DJ - he wanted the organisation's entire stock of Cliff Richard records "thrown out".

None the less, it became clear that by attacking pop music's equivalent of the Queen Mother, Evans might have gone too far, even for him. Virgin Radio's London offices were picketed by outraged Cliff fans (or "saddoes" as the red-haired one kindly dubbed them). A national newspaper has started a reader campaign against what it terms "the mad mullah" of the airwaves to make him rescind his Cliff Richard fatwa. And as if in divine judgment, figures just released show that Evans's Virgin show has lost half a million listeners in recent months.

Richard says he has nothing personal against Evans. "He was nice to me on his show - then he turns round and slags me off something rotten. But you've got to respect the success he's had. He started all this, and I think I've come out of it slightly better. People now realise there are other pop gurus around."

Chris Evans refuses to play Cliff and smashes his records as he said he was rude to him on his show.  Cliff comments that he hadn't been rude to him.



Jill Dando a good friend of Cliff is shot on her doorstep and Cliff is devastated by the news.  He questioned why God had allowed this to happen to such a lovely person. Cliff's first encounter with Jill was arranged as a surprise by turning up as her Prince Charming at the Opera Ball in Vienna.  Cliff became a good and valued friend. She learnt tennis so she could partner him at his tournament. When he went to dinner at her home, she hid most of her vast collection of his recordings to disguise from him just how great a fan she really was!

Sir Cliff Richard, Ms Dando's childhood heart-throb, was among those speaking warmly of the Crimewatch and holiday presenter, as well as performing a touching song This Love as a celebration of Jill's life. Cliff admitted to being emotional during the performance but gritted his teeth and tried to stay vibrant.  Among the guests was her friend, the broadcaster Carol Vorderman, BBC newsman John Simpson, sports presenter Des Lynam and former BBC political editor John Cole and BBC director-general, Sir John Birt.  

Cliff's Mom's health deteriorates and it becomes clear that she doesn't recognise Cliff.

Cliff has the highest sales for the year 2000 calendar. 

Cliff announces he is taking the year 2000 off, there will be no concerts and nothing in his diary for a year for the first time since he started in 1958.  

Millennium Prayer is written to form part of the Share Jesus International production, Hopes and Dreams. Cliff sings on the CD released containing the songs from the production. Steve (Dylan) Deal, Cliff and Paul Field. Steve won two Ivan Novella awards

Cliff decides it would make a good single for the Millennium.

 Millennium Prayer - The controversy of a charity single - 

·         After 41 years Cliff quits EMI in charity disc dispute - EMI rejected the song because it was not the right material for them.

·         Radio 2 snubs Cliff's new Christmas song. They stated it did not have broad enough appeal

·         It was panned by the critic's and many radio stations refused to play it.

·         Premier Radio asks listeners to boycott Radio 2.  Fans protest outside Broadcasting house.

·         Cliff beats Radio ban as Millennium Prayer nears No. 1.  Cliff sells 61,915 copies while Boyzone sells only 55,599.

·         Sir Cliff zooms into No. 2.

·         Proceeds of the single went to aid charity Childrens Promise. 

·         Cliff celebrates as his single reached the top of the charts knocking off Wamdue Projects King of my Castle.

·         It became Cliff's 14th No. 1 hit and the third highest selling single of his career.

Some reports -

Congratulations - but I'm sorry mate, I still hate the song -  Oh Lord, I never thought my column would one day be dedicated to Cliff Richard.  What's more I never believed the Lord's Prayer sung to the tune of Old Lang Syne would have made it to the top.  But I kneel to a greater power a miracle has been performed. 

Cliff has practically no radio play and his song was almost universally derided when it was first released.  Everyone including me considered the song a huge mistake but against all odds Millennium Prayer has triumphed.

Why Cliff struck a chord.  He's the only one reminding us of the true meaning of the Millennium.

George Michael brands Cliff's single vile.



Cliff celebrates his 60th birthday with an 8 day cruise on the Seabourne Goddess 1 which departs from St Tropez, calling at Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Palma and Malaga. The journey is quite rough and most of the guests are travel sick.  Alan Park, Cliff's keyboard player marries on board and Cliff gives the bride away. Shirley Bassey sings Happy Birthday to Cliff. 


Cliff receives an outstanding achievement away at the South Bank Awards in London.

Hearts on Fire was Cliff's only performance in the year.  This was arranged previously, so he promised to honour it.

Cliff hands over a cheque to Children's Promise for £1 million.

Cliff buys a new home in Barbados.

Cliff opens new Christian offices in Dudley.


Quote of the decade -

What are you doing? Don't you realise we get famous people in here?  Sit down.

Waiter to Cliff Richard when he tried to take photographs in a Hollywood Restaurant.



Wanted album is released

Cliff photographed in red trunks on the beach of Barbados, which appears in many magazines and papers with comments about Cliff still having a good figure at the age of 60.

Rumours that Cliff is to play Dracula.

Cliff releases his first red wine from his Portuguese vineyard called Vida Nova meaning New Life.



Start of the World Tour. 

Cliff Flies to Nashville to record Somethings goin on album. .

The songwriters asked him questions on what he liked in life and they recorded songs to suit his ideals -

·         Moments with friends and a cup of coffee - Simplicity

·         Cars - What car

·         Faith and God - Faithful one.

The 'Living Doll' singer said: "Don't think for a minute that I've abandoned my ambition to break through in the States"

His spokesman said: "It has always niggled him that he has failed to make a success of things in America"



Cliff the Musical is staged in London starring and written by Mike Read.


Cliff, the Musical is the brainchild of two Twickenham-based producers - Colin Rozee and Trevor Payne.

Over the last year the pair has been working with ex-BBC Radio One jock Mike Read to bring their creation to the West End.

Cliff appears in Party at the Palace for the Queens 50th Jubilee with other artistes including Paul McCartney, Atomic Kitten and Ozzy Ozbourne.



Cliff receives the The Ultimate Pop Star award due to the fact that he has sold more singles in the UK than any other music artist, ahead of the Beatles in second place and Elvis Presley in third.

1. Cliff Richard (20,969,006)

2. The Beatles (20,799,632)

3. Elvis Presley (19,293,118)

4. Madonna (14,562,856)

5. Elton John (13,475,063)

6. Michael Jackson (11,310,958)

7. Queen (10,334,713)

8. ABBA (10,004,039)

9. Paul McCartney (9,781,603)

10. David Bowie (9,392,410)

Starscents formulate a fragrance called Miss You Nights. The mixture of fragrance is selected by Cliff 

Stages Summer Nights concerts in the Castles.

Visits Cambodia and launches an awareness in the churches of the growing AIDS crisis in Asia.

Opens the doors of the Arora Hotel Manchester



Cliff Quotes - I chose Miss You Nights as the name for my first fragrance because the song is a particular favourite of mine and has personal memories. One of them is of my mother fanning herself in the tropical heat with a sandalwood fan. To recapture this I have included some beautiful sandalwood in the formula. The heart of the perfume is intensely floral and the scent of jasmine immediately transports me to my home in Barbados where I spend so many happy times.



Cliff stages the last Cliff Richard tennis Tournament at the Birmingham NIA after 23 years, 10 years were performed at the NIA.

Tsunami single released  Grief Never Grows Old featuring Cliff, Robin and Barry Gibb and Boy George under the name One World, written by DJ Mike Read.


September - Cliff receives a star for the Avenue of Stars in Covent Garden, London.

The award chat is as follows -  Chris Tarrant presented the show from the studio and introduced as follows

ITV has spent 50 years reflecting shifting trends and tastes in music and entertainment and launching the stars that have gone on to dominate our television screens for years and years.  Various clips were shown including John Lennon and the last clip was Cliff on Oh Boy singing Turn Me Loose.

Chris Tarrant introduces Cliff. 

What a fantastic clip. Those were the days when you could get away with a pair of your mummy’s curtains instead of a shirt, that was actually a clip from Oh Boy, one of ITVs first ever pop shows in the late 50s produced by the legendary Jack Good now that little boy with the curled lip was a very promising young talent but obviously couldn’t be expected to last actually he has hung on rather well, he is Sir Cliff Richard.

CT Welcome.

CR Thank you.

CT What was it like cause that was 1958 or something. What were those shows like, they were breathtaking really.

CR I suppose the big difference is that in those days everything seemed to be live and in that particular case Jack Good had this idea that he would almost choreograph the show, not necessarily dancing but for instance there would be often four or five songs sung by people with no gaps for the audience so in the end the clever thing was by the time they did get a gap of course, they were either asleep or very excited. 

CT Were you nervous, obviously not as confident as you are now

CR No, I wasn’t quite 18, well actually I was 18 by the time I did that thing that’s why I did manage to get a curtain that day as you suggest. Yes, we were nervous but after a few of the shows, there was a whole team of us and in a way I am very fortunate, I seemed to represent that era, but there were wonderful artists like Marti Wilde, Billy Fury, Dickie Pride, and we became a real group, the Vernon Girls were there, and in the end what Jack Good got us to do was have a wonderful time each Saturday night, so therefore the nerves faded away a little but the main thing was you knew it was live and any mistake that was how it was going to go out and that was how you would be remembered.

CT Welcome to the Avenue of the Stars, Sir Cliff Richard.

CR Thank you very much. I read all the names of the people that are going to be featured on the sidewalk of Covent Garden and all the glorious personalities that we have bumping into all afternoon and I am not quite sure what I am doing here but I do want to thank all of you for the support I have had over the years and of course the judges for being nice enough to actually include me in the list. I am really thrilled. These kind of  accolades don’t come easily  and I have maybe had more than my fare share and I am absolutely and utterly thrilled to be WALKED UPON.

CT We are hoping you are going to sing live.  It was his first big hit in 1958.  This is going to be a special acoustic version; he is going to play live for us tonight.  It got to No. 2 for Cliff Richard, his first UK entry into the hit parade 47 years ago.  Here is Cliff live tonight with Move It.

Cliff revisits India and inaugurates Vishwa Jagriti Missions senior citizens home.


Cliff performs at the Night of a 1000 voices at the RAH for the benefit of Caron Keating Foundation.  He sings an acapella version of Miss You Nights.

Cliff is to audition in a New York pub, Joes Pub and attends the US country music awards with ONJ. 

Sir Cliff Richard is to make a last ditch attempt to break America, at the age of 65.

The legendary singer, will audition in a New York pub, called Joe's pub which offers a showcase for "up and comers" in front of music bosses. He plans to sing songs from his latest album Somethings Goin On. 

 IN this country he's a living legend. But when Sir Cliff Richard takes to the red carpet at a glitzy US music awards bash next month, he tells me he's going to be feeling a little less certain of his star pull.

Sir Cliff is appearing at the US Country Music Awards in New York - but he was so worried about no one recognising him he's roped his pal, Grease star Olivia Newton-John, below, to join him to get the flashbulbs popping.
"I phoned up Olivia because I am worried on the red carpet no one will know who I am.
"I want to be able to work the red carpet, and with Olivia by my side I know everyone will be waving at us and the cameras might think it's for me," laughs the 64-year-old.
Sir Cliff is still hopeful of cracking the American market, and is performing a showcase event for 180 music industry bigwigs while he's in the States.
And he says contrary to recent reports, he is determined to keep recording music - he just has to diversify a little.



Cliff embarks on the Here and Now Tour of U.K.

Cliff attends the ceremony to erect a plaque at the 2 I's coffee bar. 

Cliff performs his new Christmas single on the tour entitled 21st Century Christmas, which is an upbeat, up to date song for Christmas, but also mentioning the real reason for celebrating Christmas.  It was released and reached No. 2 in the charts.

Cliff appears on the F Word with Gordon Ramsey and is reputed to swear at him.  Cliff denies it.

 An evening with Cliff Richard at the Crusaders Centenary celebration.  Cliff talks about his faith and sings Faithful one.  Sir Cliff is Patron.



European Tour of Here and Now

Cliff records some tracks for Love - the Album

Cliff is joined by Penny Junor in his home in Barbados to write his autobiography.



Cliff celebrates 50 years in showbusiness with a record released for the Fans, Thank you for a Lifetime, reached No. 3 in the charts giving Cliff his 6th decade of No. 3 chart success. http://www.blinkx.com/videos/cliff+richard+variety+club+awards

A plaque is unveiled at Ripley for Cliff on the 3rd May 1958. 

Cliff walke the Great Wall of China with Olivia Newton John.


Cliff embarks on a U.K. Time Machine Tour and announces a tour is being arranged for him and the Shadows next year.  It will be 20 years since they last performed in concert together.

Cliff signs his new autobiography My Life My Way


A 50th Anniversary Tribute Lunch is held at the Dorchester Hotel in aid of the Variety Club Children's Charity

Cliff and the Shadows perform together at the Royal Variety show in December



Cliff announces European dates for the Cliff and the Shadows tour.



Cliff reaches the age of 70


Cliff embarks on a new album Bold as Brass and appears at the RAH. 

BBC Bold as Brass album review -


Cliff appeared in Night of the Proms, a serious of concerts in Germany.  Among the other artists were Boy George and Kid Creole and the Coconuts.  Cliff sung Lucky Lips in German.

On Friday 20 May, Cliff became a Knight of the Order of St John at a ceremony in Malta, and also received the Palma D'Oro (a Peace Award).  
Cliff visits Florida for a photoshoot for next year's calendar.  Also visits Gracelands

A new album is planned called Soulicious with a U.K. tour and possible Vegas venue.



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