67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko ground-based observations in support of the Rosetta mission

This page is collecting information about ground-based observations of 67P in the context of Rosetta. As ESA doesn't run ground-based observations, this is coordinated by European astronomers and came from an initiative from the EU FP7 Europlanet project, which funded the first meeting in London. This campaign is designed to provide a single world-wide coordinated observing campaign, and reports to ESA and the Rosetta project.

The website provides information on what observing programmes exist (or are planned), and who is leading them, and has useful information for proposal preparation (in the team only area). A mailing list is associated with this campaign - see the contacts page for details. Discussions in campaign meetings and on this mailing list are designed to ensure that all necessary observations to understand Rosetta results in the context of other observations of comets are achieved, and that all interested observers can share their results with each other and the mission, to add science value to the mission.

Please note that the mailing list and team areas are intended for professional astronomers (to help with writing the proposals necessary to get time on professional telescopes). Advanced amateur astronomers will be able to make significant contributions to the campaign, and a dedicated coordinator will provide a link between amateurs and professionals in this effort. Further details on how amateur astronomers can get involved will soon be available here.

For more information about the mission itself, see the ESA Rosetta webpage