67alecto's Random Stuff

Random Graphical Goodness

A photoshop I made in order to make a Block Poster, and the end product:


Auto Fun

I wanted to see what a true, "green" Magnum would look like, so I went to photoshop:


The actual sunset was pretty drab, so I made it a little more lively:


For awhile, I considered powder coating my rims, so I wanted to see what they would look like if they were black:

A banner I made for LX Forums

A Magnum-themed wallpaper I made

More pictures of my Magnum can be found here.


Game Shots

A screenshot I took while playing the game "Blade of Darkness".  Once you run to the end of the tomb, all of the bodies come to life behind you.  All you can do is drop your torch and prepare to fight...

Max Payne Kung Fu Edition actual gameplay screenshots:




Here are two wallpapers I made for the movie Equilibrium




Here are some pumpkins I've carved the last few years.



The "traditional" jack-o-lantern and the skull were freehand, the others were patterns.

For 2007, I found one pattern online (the toothy grin), the other two I made in photoshop.  You'll recognize the raven scene from the picture at the top of this page.



 2008 Pumpkins


2009 Pumpkins


Photography is a hobby of mine.  Here are a few I've taken over the years.