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used bicycle racks
    bicycle racks
  • (bicycle rack) a rack for parking bicycles

Bike Rack Toys R Us Jantzen Beach Portland OR
Bike Rack Toys R Us Jantzen Beach Portland OR
This is not so much an "unwonderful" rack as my set implies. It is unwonderful in how it is used. It is large enough to accommodate the number of bikes that would go to Toys R Us and it is good that the store included a bike rack in its remodel. The rack is far enough from the wall so that the bike wheels have plenty of room. It is not in the way of pedestrian traffic. The rack is also close to the doors. A pretty good placement all around. However, the carts in the way (both sides) tend to reduce the effectiveness of the rack. I had locked my bike to a pole down the way. It could be argued that this is a prime bit of space and given the number of people on bikes that frequent the Toys R Us, it probably does not get enough use to warrant leaving this much space open to the air.
bruce gordon rack
bruce gordon rack
Bruce Gordon Rear Rack on Co-Motion Norwester Tour bicycle. I ordered a High Mount front rack for this bicycle at the same time I ordered the rear. Because I am using Modolo Rocky cantilevers (wiiide profile) the front rack needed to be made extra wide for clearance. At the time I purchased the racks I was told they would be done in approx 3 weeks (the middle of March). The racks arrived exactly when I was told they would. I couldnt be happier with the racks (the 3rd set I have owned) or Mr.Gordon's service.

used bicycle racks
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