6502 Assembly

About the 6502 Assembly ~ 6502 Assembly bought us the fire of Home Computing

6502 Assembly is one of the common assembly languages. 6502 Assembly language is a low level computer language intended to run to every 6502 family microprocessor. 

About the website of 6502 Assembly

This website not only provide the basic of programming 6502 Assembly, it also provides the background of 6502 Family microprocessor.  However, in most of the time, we will focus in the "software" side of the topics. There are FOUR sections in this 6502 Assembly Language Site:
  1. 6502 Architecture
  2. 6502 Instruction set
  3. 6502 Code Examples
  4. Glossary

Characteristics of 6502 Assembly Language

The instruction set of 6502 consists of only 56 Mnemoics and  the amount is small when comparing to most of the microprocessor nowadays. There are 150 opcodes of 6502 microprocessor corresponding to those 56 different  6502 mnemoics.

Categorization of 6502 Instruction Set
There are different types of Categorizations of 6502 Instruction set. I prefer to use the functionality as the main consideration in categorizing the instructions. Although, it may differ from other authors' categorizations, after careful consideration, I obtain the following 6502 Instruction set  categorization:
  1. Memory operations
  2. Register transfer operations
  3. Stack operations
  4. Logical operations
  5. Arithmetic operations
  6. Bit Manipulation operations
  7. Subroutine related operations
  8. Comparison operations
  9. Branching operations
  10. Status setting and System related operations

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