Selling Cleaning Products. Cleaning Contracts For Sale

Selling Cleaning Products

selling cleaning products
    cleaning products
  • Cleaning products as defined in this document refer to products that are used for the routine cleaning of the indoor built environment.
  • (of a thing) Be purchased
  • Give or hand over (something) in exchange for money
  • (sell) the activity of persuading someone to buy; "it was a hard sell"
  • (sell) exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent; "He sold his house in January"; "She sells her body to survive and support her drug habit"
  • Have a stock of (something) available for sale
  • the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money

Lux Soap
Lux Soap
Lux soap was first launched in the UK in 1899 as a flaked version of Sunlight soap. Subsequently it was launched in the US in 1916, and marketed as a laundry soap targeted specifically at 'delicates'. Lever Brothers encouraged women to home launder their clothes without fear of satins and silks being turned yellow by harsh lyes that were often used in soaps at the time. The flake-type soap allowed the manufacturer some leeway from lye because it did not need to be shaped into traditional cake-shaped loaves as other soaps were. The result was a gentler soap that dissolved more readily and was advertised as suitable for home laundry use. Lux is currently a product of Unilever. The name "Lux" was chosen as the Latin word for "light" and because it was suggestive of "luxury." Lux toilet soap was introduced as a bathroom soap in the US in 1925, and in the UK in 1928 as a brand extension of Lux soap flakes. Subsequently Lux soap has been marketed in several forms, including handwash, shower gel and cream bath soap. Lux soap was launched in India in 1929. The very first advertisement in 1929 featured Leela Chitnis as its brand ambassador. It was branded in India as "the beauty soap of film stars'. As of June 2009 Lux is sold in over 100 countries World Wide.
Household cleaning products ***ALL BRAND NEW, UNOPENED"
Household cleaning products ***ALL BRAND NEW, UNOPENED"
First Choice handy wipes (super absorbent) 8 pcs 53cm x 32cm @ SGD 5.99 First Choice dust microfiber refill (super absorbent) 45cm x 15cm @ SGD 2.99 Orita Disposable Poncho (adult size) @ SGD 0.99 Kiwi Kleen fabric pre-wash (foral) 500ml x 2 bottles @ SGD 4.99 LION Mama Lemon dishwashing liquid 600ml x 4 packs @ SGD 4.99 Dettol 1000ml @ SGD 3.99 KAO glass magiclean 500ml x 2 bottles @ SGD 4.99 Vanish fabric stain remover 900g @ SGD 4.99 NOTE: items without price are sold

selling cleaning products
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