How To Clean Smoke From Walls - House Cleaning Checklist.

How To Clean Smoke From Walls

how to clean smoke from walls
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how to clean smoke from walls - Mr. Clean
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End of a family
End of a family
"They came without warning or sound. The UAC has a well known stance on Hybrid activity and on this night my family found out just how much they dislike their kind." "We had just came inside from playing with the girls on their swing set I built them and as usual Amira was being her normal self and refusing that she was even remotely tired till she sat on the couch and put her headset on and almost instantly started to doze off. Seren was always easy to get to bed.. all she needed was a smile from Dad and to be rocked asleep by her mother. It wasn't till about 3 hours later that things went wrong. I was siting out on the ledge of the bedroom and my mate was in the shower cleaning herself off as she always did when I caught a wiff of an odd scent I hadn't smelled since leaving the city it was about the same time my mate came out of the bathroom in her towel and leaned up against me. Being the kind of felines we were she knew quickly that something was wrong by my obvious tenseness and my perked up ears. "There's something out there isn't there love?" she asked and I just nodded my head. Not more than a moment later tear gas canisters broke the windows in the back of the house, a shot was heard and then the door to the rear of the house broke up and two men entered the room wearing combat gear typically used by rogue UAC mercs. My mate being the type of person she was went from being calm and collective to semi feral in a blink of an eye as she took off for the girls rooms in an effort to keep the men from entering. I myself always had a more subtle way of dealing with humans, grab my sword and slice them into tiny bits. As with most things I jumped outside the ledge and clawed my way up to the roof of the building before sliding down to the back of the house where I was met by another male dressed in the same attire. Without so much as single sound I lept from the roof and landed on the male claws deep into his shoulders as I flipped him over and tossed him against the building. At the same time I was dealing with one male my mate was tending to the kids trying to wake them and get them outside safely. It was at this time that one of the males tried to sneak up behind my mate which was a mistake because she already knew that he was there and easily took the guy down covering the walls in his blood. I quickly slipped inside my own home which made me chuckle to myself because I'd never had to sneak around in my own home before. Before I could find the third male I made myself go up the stairs to find the girls and my mate who was coming around the corner with Amira behind her and Seren snuggled up against her chest. I smiled and offered a soft purr so the girls would know everything was going to be ok. At this time the male down stairs had been busy setting charges around the house, an odd scent was coming up the stairs towards us almost smelling like cigar smoke but much heavier. We made our way down the stairs and towards the back door of the house when the male had came around the corner and immediately opened fire on the four of us. I shoved the girls towards the door taking three rounds to the mid section of my body which caused several of my ribs to break. My mate who was already in a more animalistic state growled when I pushed her and turned to face the male still holding our kitten. I yelled at her and told her to leave the house before something happened to them but she couldn't hear my voice as she now took a bullet to the thigh causing her to go completely feral. She put Seren down on the ground and in the blink of an eye ran at the male full force tackling him to the ground. I gripped the side of my body and limped over to my kitten before looking back at her mother and growling in a low tone. Leave him be as he can't do anything to us now I cried out but it was for not as my mate kept tearing into the guy who was yelling in pain and fear. The male went for something in his pocket and before I could say anything he pushed a button and moments later loud booms could be heard from the front of our home. Fire quickly spread from room to room as the male had planned for it to happen. At that time my mate snapped the males neck killing him instantly. She was lost in her feral state as she continued to tear at the males body flinging bits and pieces every where. I tried to cry out again for her to help me with the children but at the same time more explosions went off and parts of the house started to crumble from the damage. I took Seren in my arms and looked at Amira who was both shocked and scared at the goings on around us and started to cry to which and shook my head and walked over to her placing Seren in her arms. With a soft voice I told Amira things would be alright and that I would get her mother out even if I got attacked in the process. Amira nodded her head and whispered softly while holding her sister tight against her body "Save my mother, Papa." I
Standing in front of a photo opportunity...
Standing in front of a photo opportunity...
Everybody knows the story of the Brandenburger Tor. So, there's no sense in me in telling it all over again. Everyone knows that John F. Kennedy visited the Brandenburg Gate in 1963 and that the Soviets hung large red banners across it to prevent him looking into the East. And on June 12, 1987, Ronald Reagan spoke at Brandenburg Gate, addressing Michail Gorbatsjov to open the gate and "tear down this wall!". Also Bill Clinton spoke at the Gate. On November 9, 2009, Angela Merkel walked through Brandenburg Gate with Russia’s Michail Gorbatsjov and Poland's Lech Walesa as part of the 20-year celebration of tearing down the Berlin Wall. Basis knowledge, right! So, it's more interesting to tell you how I annoyed some photographers got while I was making this series. Most people take pictures of the Tor at a distance of around about 100 to 125 meters. That's the approximate distance the whole gate will fit into your 35mils. However, I packed a nifty 16mils and was planning to make a pano-shot. So, I parked my tripod and myself in front of the gate at only 40 meters. So far, no worries. But that changed as I stayed stationary for more than an hour. A result of: + a shutter time of 10 to 12 sec's per shot (I made 71 shots in total); + making three pano series at different settings and one as HDR; + constantly checking for enough overlap (about 40%) as I was working out of an off-level and tilted position; + waiting myself for annoying tourists and cyclists that walked or cycled into "MY" line of fire; + changing batteries during the last pano series without changing the tripod's position; + warming my hands as they were getting num from the cold wind; and + having a short talk to two interested men. Three 100meters photographers tried to get rid of me by starting to shout I had to get out of their way. As you can imagine, it became all in all a wonderful cozy evening and I of course shared beers with those extremists. NOT! When I finally was finished and left my spot, the two guys I talked to, started their cleaning work at the gate with their dustcart! I had earlier asked them if they could just wait two minutes. So, they stopped for a short smoke and we talked a little while I was finishing the pano. I hope that those three can now finally enjoy this view...

how to clean smoke from walls
how to clean smoke from walls
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