How To Clean A Scratch Cd

how to clean a scratch cd
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how to clean a scratch cd - Scratch Out
Scratch Out CD/DVD Scratch-Repair Fluid (3.5 fl. oz.)
Scratch Out CD/DVD Scratch-Repair Fluid (3.5 fl. oz.)
Scratch-Out is simply the most effective CD/DVD Scratch removal product available today. In just seconds, Scratch Out's simple one-step process removes even the toughest scrathes from your CDs and DVDs, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in replacement cost. Scratch-Out is three times as effective as products costing several times more and is guaranteed to restore discs other products leave untouched.

Scratch-Out is simply the most effective CD/DVD scratch removal product available today. In just seconds, Scratch Out's simple one-step process removes even the toughest scratches from your CDs and DVDs, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Scratch-Out is three times as effective as products costing several times more and is guaranteed to restore discs other products leave untouched.

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I wave my wand and magic happens....if only...
I wave my wand and magic happens....if only...
Ha...that little tulip right there made me a perfect wand! Not a fantastic composition, but seriously, I have a magic wand so who cares? Disclaimer-rant to follow. I'm so frustrated today! All I want to do right now is listen to this CD that I just found and missed so much! I won't embarrass myself by naming it. But it's scratched, and skipping, and crappy and it makes me wanna scream! That's not really why I'd like to scream but it definitely adds to my frustration. And this isn't the picture I wanted to upload right now. But I can't seem to get my other images downloaded from a website which shall not be named. If you know me, you totally feel me on this right now and know exactly what I'm talking about. The problem, really, is that I've been "sick" all week. And to be honest I'm not sure what to tell people when they ask me how I feel. This is why I'd rather not leave the house when I feel like this. Do I tell you I'm fine? I feel like shit? I can't pick up this glass of water here and make it to my mouth without spilling it all over myself? Hehe... I want you to cut off my (insert random body part here) because at least the pain might make more sense? I'm at a total loss. When I don't do things I should be doing...say dishes, cleaning, laundry, baking-or things I'd like to do, like leaving the house, seeing my friends, going on an adventure. A lot of the time I tell people "I'm too lazy" to do things. This seems to be the easiest way to get out of things without explaining myself fully. The problem that's arising is that I'm honestly NOT that lazy. I'm just in pain. I need something easy to tell people without having to delve into the whole "I have lupus" thing then trying to explain to them what that is and how it affects me and blah blah blah. I wonder what other people that have it do. How do their doctors treat them? What meds are they taking? How much more pain do they have? When asking my husband this he says "I'm sure there's a lot of people out there in much more pain than you". Yeah, that's what I assume, but I don't really know this and that makes me want to put my little pain in a corner and tell it it's grounded. You can't come out until you're going to behave! Huh...I'm not too sure what would happen with that. What really sucks? I've changed my entire lifestyle in the last few months, along with my husband. We quit smoking. I quit drinking alcohol. I quit drinking caffeine. I stopped eating acidic foods and nightshade veggies. No oranges, lemons, pineapples, bell peppers, potatoes, eggplants, etc. I stopped eating a ton of dairy (cheese, come on!!). I exercise when my body allows me to. Sometimes that's 3 times a week. Sometimes not at all. I pretty much quit eating all processed foods. (Ok, I have had a few processed items, but I'm human). I made my own fig newtons for *&%$'s sake! FYI-they're completely delicious and I need to make more. I feel I've sacrificed a lot in the past few months. And I'm definitely not feeling like I'm getting a return on my investment. Unfortunately I really don't like getting my flares. I'm sure no one does, but when I get sick guess what happens? I have to up my medicine. I take corticosteroids and antimalarials right now. The immune suppressants are on my list of hates and I don't like them. I don't want them in me. I don't want any of them in me for that matter. But I must need something or I'd always be sick. Oh yeah, upping my meds means taking more of the corticosteroid bastards. They make me cranky, mean, starving, sweaty and just plain icky. These things are NOT okay. Prednisone is the root of all that's evil in my world. Especially when I've just lost 15 pounds, PLEASE don't make me gain it back because I got sick! Now I have to go on the defensive when I eat and make sure I'm still eating only what I need to. This pill is a tricky lil fella-it can make you eat and eat and eat. I'm surprised I don't sleatwalk ( and sleep walk, like those crappy sleeping pills do). When I first got sick and was on an extremely high dose I out ate my husband at a bbq. That's when I knew they were a problem. I ate my whole flippin steak, along with at least 4 sides. The thing is I didn't just eat all this food. I'm pretty sure I was like a ravenous animal that hadn't eaten in months. You're picturing this now, aren't you? It's not a pretty sight. I gained 20 pounds that summer. Oh, and if you've ever had sweaty boobs I don't need to tell you it's annoying and uncomfortable. Parts of me sweat that I didn't know COULD sweat. High doses of increased appetite pills that make me sweaty and nasty and I'm unable to exercise cause I can't move-these things all make for a very unhappy Morgann. It's just really depressing to know you're in pain, but you know there's really not much you can do about it. Do I take pills that make me a bitch? Then no one wants to be around me, right? So what's the point? I ca
1987 Porsche 911 Carrera
1987 Porsche 911 Carrera
Absolutely showroom condition, perfectly sorted, original paint, well documented 911 Carrera Targa finished in the consummate color combination of Guards Red over Black partial leather interior. This car absolutely must bee seen to appreciate how truly spectacular it really is. The paint is all original with no accidents or re-touches and looks and shines like the day it was new. There are absolutely NO scratches on the car to be found, not even a small one. The hood, fenders, and front bumper are in incredibly clean condition with minimal road rash and no large chips. There isn't a single door ding, scuffed bumper, or buffer mark anywhere to be found. The underbody is in excellent condition as well with no dents or major scrapes and no signs of driving on salty roads or other serious corrosion. This car is truly one worthy of a club event car show or the like. It has several factory options, the most important of which is option 473, the factory front and rear spoilers. These are not after market or even dealer installed spoilers but factory specified. In addition, it is fitted with the Blaupunkt Charleston radio, Power locks, Rear wiper, and Cruise control (which works perfectly). The car runs and drives absolutely fantastic with no problems or issues whatsoever. There are no vibration issues, shifts perfectly with no synchro issues, top and windows seal great with no excessive wind noise, A/C blows cold, and the cruise control works great. I tried every item on the car down to every direction of the power mirrors and everything works, even the front and rear hoot struts! The car has been very well maintained and comes with many records of such, including a receipt for a major service at the Porsche dealer in Scottsdale at 45K miles. In addition, it has just recently (in the past couple thousand miles) had the clutch replaced, synthetic Valvoline VR1 oil service, and brilliant new headlight lenses to replace the originals when one got cracked by a stone. The previous owner has had recently replaced the original Blaupunkt radio and speakers with a modern CD player with iPod hookup and HD/Sat radio compatibility. The original radio comes with the car and the dash has not been modified in any way. The car comes complete with all books, extra key, some service receipts and service booklet stamps, floormats, folded rear seat storage mat, original radio, and a vinyl bra that undoubtedly is responsible for the tremendous condition of the car's nose. If you know 911's, you know that 1987-89 are the years to own, with the bullet-proof and easy shifting G50 transmission, hydraulic clutch, European style headlights, and upgraded engine management computer. I know these cars well and have sold hundreds of them. I know what to look for and problems to expect. I can't remember when I have seen such an original, immaculate, well cared for example since they were new. This car is simply amazing. Don't miss it.

how to clean a scratch cd
how to clean a scratch cd
DVD Repair Machine / Kit
R1 is the world''s first homeuse/small video rental use automatic optical disc scratch removal machine. It can not only repair the discs but really remove all scratches , restoring discs to a like-new condition (within reason). 10 seconds repair time 3 seconds cleaning time It Repairs/cleans the following: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD, DVD, DVD+-R, DVD+-RW, GAME DISC, PS II, X-BOX DISC and other optical disc. Supports 12cm and 8cm disc Repair Time Light scratch: 10~30 secs Medium scratch: 40~60 secs Deep scratch: 70~90 secs Dimension:15X16.5X18cm Weight:3.5kg. Note: It is cheap enough to buy two so that you can make a repair station and a cleaning station with different rubbing pads. Comes with supplies for about 300 repairs and almost unlimited cleaning. Packing: DSR-R1 Machine with the accessories ACCESSORIES: Green Glueless Sticker 3PCS Transparent Glueless Sticker 3PCS Red Polishing Compound Cream 1PC Yellow Polishing Compound Cream 1PC White Finish Polishing Compound 1PC Abrasive-pad 2PC Yellow Polishing Pad 100PCS Blue clean Pad 10PCS White Polishing Pad 10PCS Disc Cleaner 1PC each set accessorie can repair about 100 discs MADE IN TAIWAN Warranty: 30 day money back guarantee - ask for RMA number - return in original packaging - you pay freight both ways and we may charge you $10 for the supplies used. Repair: Six months - We will repair or replace it. some Links: *********************************************** For full list "All Supplies" here. List of Resellers DEMO ************************************************* More questions? Please call 800-732-5727

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