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Round Folding Dining Table

round folding dining table
    dining table
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round folding dining table - Teak Folding
Teak Folding Dining Table (Teak Honey Brown Oiled Shine) (28.4"H x 31.5"W x 31.5"D)
Teak Folding Dining Table (Teak Honey Brown Oiled Shine) (28.4"H x 31.5"W x 31.5"D)
The Premium Teak Round Folding Table is a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space, pool, spa or even indoor space. It comfortably seats up to four persons to enjoy quality time outside, in a sun room or also inside. With its solid and elegant construction, beautifully oiled for the perfect honey brown shine and protection, it will please for a long time. If folded away for storage, due to its depth of only 5 inches, it uses very little space and fits almost anywhere. The table is machine made for perfect precision cut and fit. It is then finished with a final hand-sand that gets it ready for teak oiling. We use only the best quality teak oil for the perfect honey brown shine and protection of the wood. A triple coat guarantees for long lasting protection. If exposed directly to weather for long durations, the color of the wood will change over time to a beautiful patina. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy.

85% (12)
The Daisies (don't eat them)
The Daisies (don't eat them)
Caption reads: This cheerful kitchen makes a delightful place to eat. The round dining table converts to a smaller square when its leaves are dropped. The dining side of the peninsula blends with the wood of the table. Folding shutters can be closed across the pass-through counter for room-dividing privacy. Suspended wall cabinets provide considerable storage space, yet their creamy color and small-scale design create a feeling of spaciousness. The lower cabinets, countertops, and chairs are a sunny yellow.
Dining table with extender (4 chairs)
Dining table with extender (4 chairs)
Normally a round circle that seats four, this pine table can seat six with the extender in. However, only four chairs come with the table (see other pic). There is a blemish on the top. Also, not pictured, a similar but smaller table but with forest green legs. Instead of extending, the smaller one starts out round and then has edges that fold down further to let it sit next to a wall. The small one comes with two matching chairs.

round folding dining table